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Opinions about the company Personal Payday Loans

Personal Payday loans is one of the few loan companies on the market that does not sell payday loans.

It is also one of the few companies whose payday loans are spread over at least 35 weekly installments (even for the smallest amount available – PLN 600).

You can receive a loan only after prior contact with the company’s headquarters (sms or by phone). Then a customer advisor will call you and arrange a home visit.

During your advisor’s visit to your home, you must show:

  • ID card (no damage)
  • lease agreement (or other document confirming your place of residence – e.g. electricity bills, etc.)
  • income certificate (or decision to grant a pension)

In the case of the “loan for farmers” offer, the company requires:

  • information on income from the commune
  • an act of land ownership for inspection

Personal Payday Loans offers its products to persons who have reached the age of 18 and did not exceed 74.

What does the Personal Payday Loans company check?


Remember that each loan company must obtain your individual consent to make any checks. Therefore, the best way to familiarize yourself with a specific company’s checklist is to read the terms of the contract carefully.

The Personal Payday Loan checks customers only at BIK. Despite this, the company notes that it treats each client individually and does not rule out concluding a contract with a person listed in this database.

In addition, the company analyzes your financial situation (based on the documents provided). You will apply for a loan at your first meeting with a customer advisor. The application takes 24 to 48 hours to process. The adviser will only give you the money at the second meeting, after accepting your application.

You can read more about checking loan companies in the article – payday loans and BIK.

Personal Payday Loans – how it works

Personal Payday Loans - how it works

First contact the company. To do this, you must call 600 100 100 or send a text saying “contact” to number 7057.

In response – a company consultant will contact you and present you with the preliminary contract terms. Then your data will be forwarded to a customer advisor who works in your area.

The customer advisor will call you and make an appointment at your place of residence.

Only at the meeting with the adviser will you be able to read the exact terms of the contract and the loan terms.

Many of the company’s clients in online reviews emphasize that the offer presented by the client advisor may differ significantly from the offer provided by the consultant.

Transfer of funds may take place once (UPP symbol on the contract) or in two tranches (UPR symbol on the contract).

The customer advisor gives you the loan amount minus the fees associated with the loan.

The loan is repaid in weekly installments. Depending on the option you choose – installments can be paid at your place of residence to a customer advisor or in the form of a bank transfer or postal order to the Everest account.

Remember that the first installment is repaid within 7 days of the conclusion of the contract.

Personal Payday loans as far as you can get

Personal Payday loans as far as you can get

Bocian Loans offer payday loans in the amount of PLN 600 to PLN 6,000, granted at the client’s home. The loan in this company is repaid in weekly installments. In most cases, the collection of installments is done by a local customer advisor during a home visit.

This means that in addition to the cost of the loan (not less than in the case of online products) you should add the costs of a representative – PLN 5 for each home visit.

In the case of the shortest lending option for new customers – the advisor’s arrival costs alone are PLN 175.

Repayment periods have been divided into 35, 44 or 52 weeks.

And what if the repayment deadline is exceeded?

The company may charge interest at the maximum amount (i.e. not exceeding four times the annual rate of the Lombard loan rate of the National Bank of Poland). Interest is added to the next installment.

Call the borrower to pay by phone, SMS or in writing. The cost of sending calls is borne by the borrower.

In the event of a delay in repayment of two full installments (14 days), the Personal Payday Loan may request the borrower in writing to repay the liability. If such repayment occurs within 7 days of delivery of the letter – the company may terminate the contract – which involves the need to repay the entire commitment once. The lack of such repayment means that the company may take debt recovery actions or take the case to court.

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