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Mortgage for starters: this is possible

Starters on the housing market are struggling. Yet with a mortgage, more possible than you think. Read more about a mortgage for starters.

Starters are struggling on the housing market

Starters are struggling on the housing market

Starters on the housing market are struggling. Due to a limited supply of owner-occupied houses, house prices have risen explosively. When you finally have a house in mind, the amount you can borrow with your income turns out to be disappointing. If you can already get a mortgage without a permanent contract or with a study debt.

A mortgage for starters? You can really sink in courage.

For starters: what is possible?


When we tell starters about the possibilities with a mortgage, they are often amazed. More is possible than you think ..

1. Benefit from the low mortgage interest

The low mortgage interest rate is an important reason why buying a home is now popular. A mortgage for starters is therefore advantageous. While the monthly charge for a 200,000-euro mortgage in 2013 was 1,000 euros in interest and annuity repayment, this is now only 700 euros a month. View 6 more reasons to buy a house now.

2. Borrow more for your first home

From 2019 you may not borrow more than (100% of) the home value. This means that you have to pay the costs in full from your own pocket. The maximum mortgage based on income, on the other hand, has become slightly larger, especially for dual-income households. There are a number of ways that you can borrow more.

  • You can borrow up to 106% of the home value to finance energy-saving measures.
  • If you buy a house with an A ++ energy rating or higher or a zero-meter meter, you can borrow more.
  • A slightly higher mortgage interest rate can sometimes result in a considerably higher mortgage. Read here how.

Financial assistance for starters

Financial assistance for starters

Starter loan

A starter loan is an extra loan on top of your mortgage. This bridges the difference between the price of the house and the mortgage at the bank. For this extra loan, you do not pay any monthly charges in the first 3 years. View here which municipalities are participating.

Purchase guarantee scheme

With a purchase guarantee scheme or purchase variant you buy a home with a discount. You therefore finance a lower purchase price, making a home accessible. These purchase structures are often offered by housing associations. Different conditions apply here with regard to a possible draw, the discount percentage and the buy-back scheme.


In 2019 it is possible to donate up to 100,800 euros tax-free for the purchase of a home. A family connection is not compulsory. With a loan-pouring construction, this is advantageous for both the donor and the buyer. Read more about a mortgage with the help of parents.

Draw along

It is also possible for a few lenders that parents sign on the mortgage deed. By guaranteeing in this way, banks are prepared to borrow a higher mortgage.

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