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Is it expensive to have a car? Believe me, these little attitudes have helped many drivers save money

Having a car offers numerous advantages. Being able to go anywhere without relying on schedules and public transportation is one of them. Also, it’s always good to be able to chart your own route and in some cases get to places faster. However, when it comes to owning a car, not everything is wonderful. To maintain and sustain a vehicle, it is necessary to spend and commit part of your budget to the expenses it entails.

According to a survey by the Brazilian Association for Consumer Protection, spending on a popular car can reach, on average, $ 830 per month. The study took into account the expenses of a car purchased in cash. That is, without the costs with any monthly fees and financing. Therefore, having a snapper in the garage requires you to be prepared to mess around in your pocket.

Fuel, parking, maintenance, licensing fees, among other possible expenses. All of this weighs down at the end of the month and over time can mean spending that is unsustainable to homeowners.

Keep an eye on fuel values

Keep an eye on fuel values

To keep your fuel costs lower, an alternative is to purchase a car that has a 1.0 engine. With 1.0 vehicles, it is possible, for example, to run 15 km per liter of gasoline on the road and 9 km per liter inside the city. Regardless of the engine, it is interesting to estimate how much you spend on fuel per month and check the percentage of these expenses in relation to your budget. With the help of the information provided by your on-board computer, you can make that estimate quickly.

At this time, it is also important to search for stations that offer the cheapest prices. However, be aware of how your car will perform with these fuels. For if they are of poor quality, whether alcohol or gasoline, you are likely to spend more or less or even have to worry about future mechanical problems of your car.

Pay attention to the prices charged by the parking lots


While most of the time you do not have to pay for parking at home or at work, this is one of the most expensive items on the driver’s spending list for the country. It’s okay that you always have to pay parking fees and with that, those trips to malls, clinics, restaurants or shopping centers always end up getting more expensive than you might think.

A good alternative to avoiding that parking expenses become larger is to buy the packages offered by the parking companies and become a monthly installer. However, before you get a decision of this, make a comparison of expenses according to your true need and check if it is worth to opt for the monthly package.

Do not forget the maintenance

Do not forget the maintenance

Who owns a car should always remember to regularly change the oil and filter, balance, change tires, steering alignment and other adjustments. These services offer a great deal of variation from one establishment to another, and quality maintenance is not always possible.

Therefore, to avoid high maintenance costs, it is important to search for locations that offer these services with lower quality and lower prices. A good tip is to consult your friends and seek opinions about the establishments available in your area.

In addition, annually reviewing is a great way to avoid unexpected expenses when replacing and repairing automotive parts. Generally, these services cost from $ 200 to $ 500 and can prevent you from having to dispense from $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 in the future with some part change of your vehicle.

Schedule the payment of any expenses

One must also remember that in order to maintain your car, you need to remember that taxes, licensing fees, tolls and also end your budget. That way, in order not to get so harmed by these expenses, you can, for example, reserve part of your 13th for tax payments. Another idea is to always include these costs in your financial spreadsheets and also avoid making these expenses expensive by always paying them in advance to get discounts.

IBGE confirms: owning a car was much more expensive. Inflation in the transport group increased by 3.29% last year and led the list of higher expenses for Brazilians. So if you want to lower expenses on your car, research, analyze and plan. In addition, you can, too, no problem leaving your beloved car a little in the garage. Of course, your health and your pocket will only have to win.


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