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Credit card without Bureau. We tell you how to get it

The Credit Card without Bureau or “Guaranteed” is a great opportunity to live your finances differently. Take advantage of having a plastic where your credit history is kept hidden and not having the pressure that this entails.

What is a secured credit card?

What is a secured credit card?

It is a credit card with which your financial movements will not be recorded in the Credit Bureau. To get this type of TDC you do not need to present proof of income, nor do you have to prove financial background.

So if you are starting in the world of bank loans, or you got too late when paying your other cards, you can start over with this great option!

Types of credit card without Bureau in Mexico

Cateza Bank has for you the alternative of requesting a Gold Guaranteed Credit Card with which you can obtain a large amount of benefits. On the other hand, the same bank offers you another card called VAS. In both cases, the application form is super simple and without many requirements.

Benefits of a secured credit card

Benefits of a secured credit card

Both credit cards share advantages that will surely be useful for your financial movements:

  • You can get them with an investment of 2,500 pesos, in addition, they do not require your credit history.
  • You only have to use them once a month to free yourself from the annual payment.
  • The credit line granted to you is 70% in relation to the amount deposited in the investment account.
  • You will get a 20% refund for the amount of your first purchase with any of the cards!
  • As for the total of your purchases made in a whole month, you will be granted a 1% refund; while it will be 1.5% in certain stores of the Good finance Group.
  • In relation to the Guaranteed Gold Credit Card, you will still not pay an annuity if you spend $ 40,000 a year.

Requirements to get a credit card without Bureau


For both cards you only need:

  • An age range between 18 and 80 years with 11 months
  • Have an account in Cateza Bank whose fund has at least 2,500 pesos
  • Valid Official ID with photo and signature}
  • Proof of address.

If it happens to you that you are a foreigner, you can also apply for this credit card without a Bureau when presenting your Immigration Card.

In conclusion

In conclusion

We all want to have a second chance and even if you don’t believe banks also give you other alternatives. Take the opportunity to do things well and pay your debts properly.

With this type of guaranteed card you are completely saved from new stains on your Bureau. That does not mean that you have to commit more irresponsibilities, especially if it is your first time with a TDC.

Use these flexible lines of credit for what you demand every day, get rewards for their use and control your expenses in a responsible way. You will not find a better way to learn how to use a credit card!

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