Repurchase of Finadéa credits

Each year, more and more households seek help from credit organizations (or banks) to increase their purchasing power . It therefore seems essential to take stock of this financing option which allows you to reduce your monthly payments. Finadéa is an intermediary in banking operations and payment services belonging to Finassurance and which offers financing solutions to support households in their project. What does the Finadéa organization offer?

Finadea grouping credits

Take over loans according to Finadéa

Before explaining the offers offered by the company Finadéa, it is good to remember that the concept is based on the idea of ​​transforming all the loans of a household into a single loan. This transformation makes it possible to:

  • Have only one loan and therefore only one monthly payment at a single rate (the Finadéa rate is fixed).
  • Make the management of its financial budget more flexible.
  • Increase your purchasing power .
  • Revise downwards its debt ratio.
  • To benefit from the advantage of having only one speaker.
  • To take advantage of the services offered by the credit redemption organization (such as the postponement of monthly payments in the event of temporary financial difficulty).
  • To obtain additional cash to finance new projects or simply in anticipation.

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What loans does Finadéa buy back?

There are several types of credits on the market; from personal loan to vehicle loan via mortgage, affected credit or even revolving credit . It was logical for the intermediary in banking and service operations to offer solutions in relation to the various loans. In fact, the following loan repurchases can be found in Finadéa's portfolio of financing products:

  • Consolidation of consumer loans . This offer is aimed at both tenants and owners with a debt ratio of less than 35%. This solution combines all consumable credits . The applicant does not need to justify himself and the organization takes care of settling the credits in progress (it is necessary to think of the indemnities invoiced by the financial organizations for the early repayment).
  • The repurchase of credits known as mortgage . This offer is reserved for owners of real estate or who wish to access the property. The recovery concerns mortgage loans as well as consumer loans. The property serves as collateral.

Why trust Finadéa? Finadéa is an intermediary. He supports you as an agent in the search for a real solution to increase the purchasing power of households who feel in debt. Trusting Finadéa therefore means entrusting your financing needs to an expert without having to worry about comparing the different offers on the market. A simplification of the procedures which is not negligible to save time.

Call on Finadéa advisers for its loan buyback

Two practical tools are available on the Finadéa portal: the simulation of the repurchase and the calculation of the over-indebtedness rate. We strongly recommend that you use them before getting in touch with a financial expert from Finadéa. The request for the repurchase of Finadéa loans is made exclusively online before being contacted again for an in-depth study.

Repurchase of Finadéa credits
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