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The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (better known by the acronym HSBC) is a large bank that brings together millions of customers with a strong presence in multiple countries around the world. Did you know that this British finance organization was created in Asia? Its origin dates back to the 19th century and made it possible to trade between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Today, this value bank is particularly attractive for its retail banking activities ( bank account, savings account, etc. ), investment ( IPO, etc. ) and financing ( mortgage loans, consumer loans, etc. ) . Does this large international bank offer credit redemption ? Who is this solution for and why?

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HSBC and mortgage consolidation

In our time, repaying outstanding loans has become a real headache. Before you get bogged down in debt , it is good to think about credit restructuring . The purpose of this solution is to combine the loans into one and to stagger the monthly repayment installments . Result: reimbursement amounts decrease and your financial situation remains stable.

Can HSBC, this foreign bank, support you in this restructuring plan ? Certainly ! If you have the curiosity to view the site online, you will be able to see that HSBC Bank offers many financing products:

  • real estate loans ( bridging loans, loans in fine or the mortgage at fixed rate )
  • consumer loans ( student loan, loan for environmental work, personal loan, etc. ).

It is true that this bank does not directly offer the " loan buyback " solution, but its offer is so diverse that it is quite possible to renegotiate.

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HSBC , at present, is only interested in the projects of owners who wish to lower the mortgage rate . Concretely, HSBC is able to buy back several types of real estate loans including social loans, approved loans or conventional loans. The owner also has the possibility of modifying the basic agreements of the credit (or the credits) even if the investment was carried out under the law of Robien or the law Scellier . Be careful, however, in order not to lose the advantages offered by real estate laws, it is good to learn about the conditions to be respected . In addition, no bank is able to offer rates below 1%. In fact, it is not recommended to include its zero interest or 1% loans in its restructuring plan.

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In addition to its practical information, it should also be borne in mind that the mortgage repurchase solution involves various costs. Among the most common fees, it should be noted:

  • The costs incurred by the early repayment of a loan. The law allows lenders to charge penalties when a borrower wishes to pay off his loan before the term. Its fees are calculated on the capital remaining to be reimbursed (approximately 3%).
  • The guarantees . Banks need protection to extend credit. It is mainly a question of putting the property in mortgage. The notarial fees are to be paid by the borrower.
  • Miscellaneous costs. HSBC banks charge file handling fees , the amount of which is variable.
    For the credit buy-back solution to be profitable, it is important to calculate the total amount of fees in order to include them in the capital. Feel free to use the online simulator on the HSBC site to make a brief estimate.

How do I contact an HSBC financial advisor?

If you are clients of this large bank, do not hesitate to contact your financial advisor directly. Having knowledge of your accounts, he can provide you with real help in this project. For non-customers, you can contact the nearest branch or dial 08 102 468 10.

HSBC loan repurchase
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