Redemption of FICIP credits

The Bank of United States is the bank of the French state. It is at the service of individuals as well as professionals . This post is only interested, here, in the situation of individuals who have cash flow problems and who wish to get out of the cycle of over- indebtedness even if they are stuck in the Bank of United States. What are the possible solutions ?

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Repurchase of credits when one is stuck in Bank of United States

Before discussing the possibility of entering a loan buyback to get out of the debt cycle, it is good to understand what FICP means, a term used by the Bank of United States as well as financial institutions.

FICP : this is the National Incidence File for Individual Credit Repayments. In short, when a consumer does not pay his monthly credit payments or if he files an over-indebtedness file with the Bank of United States, a file in his name is opened. This file recapitulates all the delays , unpaid bills and bank overdrafts . The file can be viewed by financial organizations. A person in the Bank of United States may be prohibited from issuing checks as well as using a payment card. To get out of this file, you have to repay all of your debts . Payment certificates are requested from the persons on file at the time of closing. Debit takes place automatically after 5 years when the over-indebted person has respected the repayments.

On reading the explanation of the term "FICP", one is entitled to wonder if a credit organization (or a bank) opens a right to the repurchase of credits to people in the Bank of United States? Know that the answer is yes. Some organizations grant this solution to certain consumer profiles.

FICP rachat credits

Who can take advantage of this option?

There is no standard profile since each situation is different. However, you should know that:

  • The owner registered in Bank of United States can request a consolidation of credits on condition of mortgage a real estate .
  • The tenant in the Bank of United States will have more difficulty accessing this option, especially if the commission prohibits him from issuing checks or using a payment card.

What are the solutions for a tenant? Credit organizations accept, in certain cases, to open rights. This is the case, for example when the amount of the loan is lower and the tenant presents solid guarantees ( mortgage of a property made by a relative for example ). In addition, you should know that it is possible to temporarily withdraw from the Bank of United States. In addition, you should know that the Bank of United States is a public body that supports households that encounter real financial difficulties , whatever the cause of the debt. It is always possible to approach the over-indebtedness commission to apply for the spreading of debts .

Redemption of FICIP credits
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