Simulation assistance and quotes

If you have to repay several credits each month, the repurchase of credits (grouping of credits) makes it possible to bring them together in a single monthly payment and repayment period. Obtain new financing capacity to finance your projects.

Online credit redemption simulators estimate this new monthly payment that you will now have to pay taking into account the current rates applied. You gain in readability with a single debit date.

avantages rachat credits

Advantages of simulators

  • time saving : form to be completed online in a few clicks instead of having to go to a branch with an advisor.
  • comparison of several offers quickly, easily and for free.
  • without commitment (the simulator has no contractual value. It is only a help to choose)

credit redemption comparison simulator

How do online simulators work?

Generally, on simulators, you are asked to complete a form with information relating to:

  • your personal data
  • your resources
  • your current expenses and current loans
  • the duration of your loans
  • the type of loans you have ( consumer loans, mortgage loans, etc. )

In addition to this, financing institutions sometimes want to know:

  • your funding objectives ( travel, retirement, unforeseen events, etc. )
  • your guarantees ( co-borrower, property to mortgage )
  • your debt ratio (calculation possible directly on their site) guides you step by step by showing you the different fields to complete, thus avoiding you to forget or make mistakes thanks to our help and our tutorials in free access.
First, you get either an immediate estimate with a new monthly payment proposal, or your request is transferred to a professional for expertise in the next few hours .
Comparing with other banks or other financing organizations becomes easy. Find the loan that best suits your repayment capacity .
credit redemption expert Secondly, the analysis of your file by a financial expert will be necessary before signing the contract and submitting supporting documents. This will allow you to remove any doubt about your possible questions. Generally, lending institutions have a telephone assistance to answer them.

Responis Credit Redemption Simulation Guide

The Responis loan repurchase simulation takes place on its website. We show you the link to directly access the online simulator. We detail all the stages of the form to be filled in to access the response in principle of Responis (study

Solutis loan repurchase simulation guide

The Solutis banking intermediary studies the files of individuals wishing to know if their situation allows them to request a loan repurchase. To help them, he puts online a free simulator that instantly calculates the new reduced monthly payment. We explain to you

Younited Credit Credit Redemption Simulation Guide

The professional investors who finance the projects of Younited Credit clients provide rapid responses to requests for loan redemption, whether validated or not. Simulate your buyout online with Younited Credit, following our detailed guide and recommendations

Rouaix Finances loan repurchase simulation guide

You can perform a loan repurchase simulation with Rouaix Finances, a specialist in this type of financial transaction. We present the online simulator in detail and advise you on how to complete it. Find the link that leads

ING Direct mortgage refinancing simulation

ING Direct is a financial organization that offers simple mortgage refinancing. If you wish to revalue your loan, you can perform a mortgage simulation on the ING Direct website. An advisor will study your file in depth to help you

Make a loan buyback simulation

There are many loan redemption proposals and online simulators can help you choose a loan organization. However, the offer is substantial and it is difficult to choose. We guide you through this process and give you relevant advice.

Simulation guide to repurchase Oney credits

To cope with the financial difficulties encountered by certain households, offers loan redemption as well as an online loan redemption simulator. If the bank gives you an agreement in principle, this has no contractual value. Your request should be

MAIF loan repurchase simulation

MAIF, insurer and financial organization, proposes the restructuring of loans in order to increase the purchasing power of people who request it. On its website, a loan repurchase simulator allows you to build a file. We show you the way

Keyliance credit redemption simulation

Do you want to simulate a repurchase of credits (consolidation of credits) on the keyliance website? Follow our step-by-step guide to correctly complete the online form. This first request will be studied by a financial expert in order to

Simulation of Sofinco loan redemption

Sofinco has been a financing organization since 1951. To give the French a helping hand so that they can improve their purchasing power, Sofinco offers the repurchase of credits which brings together all the credits in a single loan. On the site, a simulator

Creatis credit redemption simulation

Creatis is a credit organization which offers credit solutions, in particular the repurchase of credits. This financing consists of grouping all the credits into a single loan. This is not without consequences: extension of the repayment period, cost

Cofinoga loan repurchase simulation (Tutorial)

If you want to combine your credits into one, the Cofinoga credit institution offers this financing solution, with a personal loan of up to US $ 30,000. On its website, it is possible to make a request for the repurchase of credits by completing

Bank Casino credit redemption simulation

Banque Casino practices the consolidation of loans in a single monthly payment in order to adjust the latter to the borrower's income. To evaluate this new monthly payment, Banque Casino has an online simulator on its site. How to use it ?

Bred loan redemption simulation

There is no credit redemption simulator on the Bred site. To obtain information, it is necessary to contact a Bred advisor so that he can study your request for consolidation of credits. You can contact one by phone

BC finance loan repurchase simulation

BC Finance is what is known as a banking intermediary. He is a specialist in credit redemption; operation aimed at consolidating all the credits into a single monthly payment. How to use their online simulator? What information do you need

Carrefour bank loan repurchase simulation

Carrefour bank specializes in the repurchase of loans; a mechanism to lighten the burden on households whose financial situation is critical. It also concerns people who have a one-off need for cash to finance projects (marriage, financing

Crédit Mutuel loan repurchase simulation

Crédit Mutuel offers the repurchase of loans to support the budget of households in financial difficulty or having to face exceptional events. All the credits contracted are thus brought together in one. Simulate a loan buyback online with the

Cofidis loan repurchase simulation (tutorial)

The redemption of Cofidis credits allows you to collect all your credits in a single monthly debit. The Cofidis online simulator facilitates your request for consolidation of credits with this financial institution. After studying the information provided, an advisor contacts you.

Simulation of Finaref loan redemption (tutorial)

Finaref merged with Sofinco in order to pool their skills and offer households the purchase of loans. The objective is to increase their purchasing power by reducing the weight of monthly payments. However, this is accompanied by an extension of the repayment period.

Simulation of Accord bank loan repurchase (tutorial)

Banque Accord invites you to simulate your loan consolidation in order to reduce your monthly payments and combine them into one. You cannot immediately know the amount of this single monthly payment because it is an advisor from Banque Accord who

Cetelem loan redemption simulation (Tutorial)

Cetelem's credit redemption simulator is easy to complete. It does not allow you to immediately know the estimated value of your new monthly payment since an advisor will contact you to give you the details relating to your stimulation.

La Banque Postale loan repurchase simulation (Tutorial)

La Banque Postale makes a simulator available on its site to assess the amount of your new monthly payment in the context of a loan consolidation. guides you step-by-step to effectively complete the simulator.