La Banque Postale loan buyback

"A bank that listens to its customers is a winning bank for a secure future", here is a philosophy that reflects the spirit of La Banque Postale. This public body, which was created in 2010, is based on four essential values; being close to customers , being responsible , serious and playing on transparency . After having offered multiple financial products ( savings, loans, etc. ), La Banque Postale wanted to show that it was listening to consumers by offering an innovative financing solution; the repurchase of credits . Focus on the consolidation of debts , according to the Banque Postale.

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The repurchase of credits

Redeem your debts ; here is what financial organizations offer you. When we talk about debts, this includes both consumer loans ( personal loan, loan for work, revolving credit… ) as well as mortgage loans . According to La Banque Postale, it is easier to hold a single loan in a single establishment and, by deduction, a single constant monthly payment !

Here, we must be very clear. It is not a question of renegotiating your credits, but of buying them back by making available to the consumer the necessary sum of money subject to an interest rate. This amount allows initially to reimburse all credit organizations . The contraction of a single loan from La Banque Postale will make it possible to reduce the amount of monthly payments while extending the repayment period.

postal bank debt It should also be noted that the credit consolidation offer offered by La Banque Postale may concern only part of your credits. It is not, either, necessary to group consumer loans with mortgage loans; the two are dissociable . It's up to you to decide how best to manage your budget!

And because nothing is impossible, La Banque Postale also offers to include a possible loan to finance new purchases. La Banque Postale points out on its website that there are ceilings for benefiting from a loan repurchase. For example, the outstanding capital for the repurchase of consumer loans, for example, must be a minimum of $ 1,500 and will not exceed $ 50,000. The amounts are higher for a mortgage repurchase or if you want to integrate consumer loans and mortgage loans in one and the same credit.

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What are the consequences of buying back credits?

Purchasing power is at half mast… to the point of encouraging consumers to take out loans to finance projects (in particular revolving loans). While it is true that this financial boost gives a smile to the lips, it can quickly become a real daily constraint, putting your bank account in the "red" with difficult ends of the month .
This is why La Banque Postale wanted to provide support to consumers indebted to it. repurchase credit postal bank proposing to reduce his monthly payment to live better his daily life while anticipating the future with the financing plan that is the repurchase of credits.

Of course, La Banque Postale must first study your over -indebtedness rate before being able to offer you a financing plan. For this, it needs to know your resources as well as all of your credits . After having done a thorough study, an advisor will be able to offer you several possibilities. Remember, all the same, that the repurchase of credits remains a loan which must be repaid!
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Be close to consumers to better support them!

How could a Bank play on transparency, reliability and responsibility without being at the side of its clients? Because consumers need attentive listening , the financial advisers of La Banque Postale are at your service by appointment at the post offices. You can also choose to communicate by telephone by dialing 3639 .

La Banque Postale loan buyback
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