BNP Paribas Personal Finance loan buyback

The presentation of the BNP Paribas bank is well established. This large banking group is one of the market leaders. For good organization, BNP Paribas has chosen to divide into four branches. In 2007, thanks to an alliance with the Cetelem group, BNP Paribas Personal Finance was born. This branch offers insurance such as consumer loans and loan buybacks. Its primary objective: to help households finance their projects while optimizing their cash flow. This post is only interested in the loan consolidation solution offered by BNP Paribas Personal Finance . Let's take stock together.


Reports issued by the Bank of United States show that more and more households are filing for over -indebtedness commission . This statement shows that households are increasingly encountering financial difficulties. The causes of over-indebtedness are diverse and varied:

  • Poor management of your budget (living beyond your means for example).
  • Compulsive purchasing disorder (having to constantly buy even if the bank account is dry).
  • An unexpected change of life ( divorce, death, birth of a child… ).
  • A change in professional life (retirement, dismissal, etc.).
  • An accumulation of consumer credits .

In all the situations mentioned above, the household (or the citizen's) budget is upset. It is therefore necessary to find relevant solutions so as not to sink into over-indebtedness .
There are a few warning signs:

credit consolidation quote
  • Be obliged to draw regularly from your savings accounts.
  • Be obliged to play with his bank overdraft .
  • Delay the payment of its loan maturities.
  • Encountering difficulties in paying bills or rent.


In short, if the household (or the citizen) is in the obligation to deprive itself to pay its debts and that the remainder to live is not enough any more to cover the monthly expenses of the primary needs , it is necessary to react by finding a long-term solution to restore your budget. It is precisely in this stormy situation that the consolidation of its credits comes into play.

What does this finance operation proposed by BNP Paribas Personal Finance consist of? Although it is true that it is possible to include a new consumer credit for a new project in the process of buying back credits, its primary purpose is to relieve you of monthly debts by considerably reducing the total amount. To put it simply, BNP Paribas Personal Finance acts as follows:

  • The interlocutor calculates the total amount remaining due from all the creditors who have granted you loans ( mortgage loans such as consumer loans ).
  • The interlocutor proposes a new loan at a new rate and a modified duration. The amount of the new loan corresponds to the remaining amount of outstanding loans.
  • The interlocutor suggests that you settle their credits (with the costs incurred for early repayments).
    This solution allows, therefore, to have only one credit, a monthly payment and a contact person.

To request a study or to obtain information, you can contact your BNP Paribas bank advisor as a broker who works with this company or Cetelem at 0 820 710 830 (0.09 € per call + price of the call) .

BNP Paribas Personal Finance loan buyback
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