Real estate credit: what is the profile most sought after by banks?

Taking out a mortgage is an option more and more adopted by many people in order to buy or build their house or apartment. However, in order to grant it, banks take a number of factors into account and favor certain borrower profiles. What are these profiles?

In most cases, banks favor borrowers with a high level of creditworthiness. The market is particularly saturated, with prices very rising. The fact remains that banks do not hesitate to grant real estate loans to customers whose profiles really meet their expectations. Among the most sought-after profiles, those with a high level of resources are unanimous.

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In this logic, banks are more flexible towards young people who deposit particularly large sums monthly. They are clients with high potential, who in the long term represent safe values ​​for banks, insofar as, in addition to this mortgage, they can be linked to the bank through many other banking operations. Indeed, this kind of customers can domiciliate their accounts and the main part of their banking activities in this bank, given the climate of confidence already established between them, via the mortgage.

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Couples under the age of 35, and whose income is over 5,000 € per month, will also be in the good graces of the banks when it comes to obtaining a mortgage . These may in certain cases benefit from a discount of around 0.10% to 0.15% on their rate schedule.

People exercising liberal professions are also favored by banks when it comes to mortgage loans, provided that their activities are flourishing and present important guarantees. This profile of potential customers benefits from bonuses of 0.15% to 0.30% (variable rate depending on the bank).

Finally, banks also appreciate civil servants and very rarely hesitate to grant them a mortgage. This profile is characterized by the certainty of their solvency . Better, the banks even offer officials repayment terms for the most part flexible and rather within their reach. Therefore, it is easier for them to take out these risk-free loans.

Real estate credit: what is the profile most sought after by banks?
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