Bank guarantee: how does it work?

In the context of a rental contract, the presence of a “ bank guarantee ” can often be required by the lessor or the agency that represents it. This deposit must be able, in the event of unpaid rent for example or damage to the property, to reimburse the sums requested.

What are the particularities of the bank guarantee? How can an organization constitute a bank guarantee for you? What exactly does this role consist of? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of deposit? All the answers to these questions in the following lines.

Bank guarantee

The bank guarantee in a few words

In the event of default by the tenant as stated in the introduction to this article, the bank guarantee must be able to reimburse the sums requested . But unlike a simple surety (natural person) or a joint surety (often the State or a public body), the bank guarantee is nothing other than a specific banking establishment which then supports the tenant in access to housing, rental or real estate purchase.

The advantages and disadvantages to know about the bank guarantee

The advantages of a bank guarantee are therefore numerous. First of all, the vast majority of current landlords require a solid deposit to accept the establishment of a rental contract for example, and what better than a banking establishment in order to provide all the necessary guarantees. Another advantage of such a system, linked to the previous one, for a tenant: your file will earn more points with a lessor if you can provide proof of support from your bank.

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bank deposit advantage

Regarding the drawbacks, which must also be taken into account : the banking establishment still requires a large sum of money available in your bank account, in order that the same bank has a guarantee in the event of funds to be reimbursed. Then, the closing of a bank guarantee file can sometimes be long and tedious, very administrative, let's say rather. Drawbacks that must be considered, but which remain much less important than all the advantages mentioned above.

It is then up to you to study the different possibilities available to you and to see if the use of a bank guarantee can meet your different expectations.

Bank guarantee: how does it work?
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