The repurchase or consolidation of loans consists in bringing together all the loans taken out in a single lower loan, at a fixed rate, for a single period, with a single interlocutor. This simplifies the management of your accounts.

Several types of loan repurchase exist according to your contracted credits (personal loans, mortgage loans, revolving credits…) or according to your profession (repurchase of credits for civil servants, for liberal professions…). Comparing the credit redemption offers is necessary for several reasons:

comparative redemption

Banks or credit organizations do not offer the same financial solutions . You can therefore miss out on an advantageous offer without knowing it. The repurchase of credits allows to gain in purchasing power and possibly to finance new projects.

* This process is without engagement . You can end it at any time. You are also free to contact a financial advisor from a bank or any other organization for more information.

* You have better visibility of your budget (with and without repurchase of credits)

* you save time since you get information quickly. With just a few clicks, you get answers without having to spend hours on the net.

* The comparator is completely free and easy to use. Compare without further delay, you can also do it yourself by going through the bank you want thanks to our help and tutorial.