By using a comparator of credit consolidation offers , you can be sure of choosing serenely. Its use is free, simple, fast and without obligation. To do this, simply complete a short questionnaire on your situation (amounts of your credits, durations, possible financing needs, amount of the new monthly payment desired…).

The repurchase of credits makes it possible to regroup all the credits in one. We thus obtain a single lower monthly payment, at a single rate, for a fixed period. The other advantage is that we only address a single interlocutor (a bank or a credit institution) who adapts the amount of this single loan to his income.

However, the duration of the credit is lengthened, thus increasing its cost in the long run. It is therefore important to compare the offers on the market before committing. There are several types of repurchase of credits (repurchase of consumer credits , repurchase of real estate credits , repurchase of professional credits, repurchase of credits by purchase / sale with repurchase).


You can stop your gait at any time. The fact that an advisor contacts you to obtain additional information, this process is not contractual. Now compare credit redemptions in 2 minutes!