ACE loan repurchase

In fifteen years of existence, Ace Credit has carved out a prime share in the French mortgage brokerage market. The reason is undoubtedly specialization. In fact, most credit brokers offer real estate loans and mortgage loan repurchases, as well as consumer credit consolidation and loan insurance. Ace only offers home loans and borrower insurance.

When you have a real estate project, you can contact your own bank, in which case it is advisable to ask other credit organizations for loan proposals so that you can compare.

But you can also go to a broker like Ace Credit, the advantage of this solution is that it takes care of everything:

Thanks to its network of financial partners (bank and credit organizations), it can quickly obtain credit offers and identify the best.

repurchase of credit immo ace

Banks are often finicky about the debt ratio and the rest to live . But the broker who has built up a relationship of trust with the banks over time can, by arguing, influence a negative decision.

He then takes care of the financial package which consists of integrating any assisted loans ( PTZ, and others )

He can also take care of finding the most profitable borrower insurance for his client. Because it should be known that the insurance of the bank which grants the loan is rarely the most advantageous. Brokers therefore turn to individual insurers who adapt their offers to the requirements of banks.

Of course a broker is paid:

It can be remunerated in two ways.

By applying a percentage on the overall loan amount. In general, the rate hovers around 1%. It is important to know that the broker can only be remunerated if the client signs the credit agreement. In no case will he ask for the slightest penny before.

And sometimes by being “paid” by the bank as a “business provider”.

But then why go through a paying broker when you can find a loan yourself without additional costs?

The first reason is the saving of time. Indeed, building a credit file is very time- consuming , especially when you are new to the field.

The second is that an ACE broker can offer an interest rate that an individual could not obtain on their own . The brokers are used to the exercise and we have weight vis-à-vis banking organizations, which is why the rates they manage to obtain are very competitive. So much so that his remuneration is often covered by the savings that he allows to generate.

ACE loan repurchase
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