Buyback of CFCAL credits

“By your side to help you regain your purchasing power ”, here is a little slogan that Crédit Foncier Communal d'Alsace et de Lorraine (CFCAL) could have chosen to highlight its main activity. Originally, CFCAL offered financing solutions for acquiring real estate via mortgage. The law of January 24, 1984 and the law of June 25, 1999 on financial security oblige CFCAL to restructure its activity; it becomes a major player in the consolidation of mortgage debts .


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Return purchasing power to consumers

The repurchase of credits is a real success. Why ? Quite simply, since it is an intermediate solution before initiating proceedings with the Bank of United States. You should know that a person in the Bank of United States no longer has the right to credit ... which can pose a real problem when a consumer finds himself in an emergency situation .
For example, no one is immune to an accident of life ( divorce, traffic accident, dismissal, death, illness, etc. ). There are therefore extreme situations where it is good to be able to trust a banking organization to restructure its budget and thus overcome the contingencies of life by raising your head with pride.

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Credit redemption solutions

CFCAL offers loan repurchase solutions according to each person's situation.
Indeed, for CFCAL each case is unique. It is therefore logical to offer different products adapted to the personal as well as professional situation of each client. In fact, CFCAL analyzes all the situations whether you are registered with the Bank of United States , employed in CDI , retired or even in temporary contract .

For CFCAL, the priority is to find a solution to rearrange your budget and to ensure that you can find the way out of this great laborious labyrinth of debt . In fact, there are various solutions:

  • Make a replacement loan to combine consumer loans with real estate loans as well as various cash flow problems ( bank overdraft, unpaid rents, non-honored condominium charges, etc. ).
  • Make a substitute loan only for consumer loans .
  • Renegotiate your mortgage to lower the monthly payment.

credit redemption fees The restructuring of loans generates additional costs ( file management costs for example or the costs of early repayment of various loans from various creditors ). CFCAL is responsible for including its supplements in the amount of the new loan.

After an in-depth study of your file, the CFCAL will contact you again to inform you of its decision by giving you loan offers . After signing one of the offers, the organization becomes responsible for settling your various outstanding loans . Thus, you only have one contact with a single monthly payment .

redemption of cfcal credits

Be accompanied by CFCAL financial agents!

Even if a tool allowing the simulation of a repurchase of credits is proposed on the site of the financial institution ( ), it is sometimes preferable to have a direct dialogue with experts. CFCAL agents answer your questions on 03-88-21-49-89 or by post:

Crédit Foncier et Communal d'Alsace et de Lorraine
1 rue du Dôme
67000 Strasbourg

Buyback of CFCAL credits
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