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The Washington DC Municipal Credit (known by the acronym CMP) is an institution that was founded in 1918 (formerly Mont-de-Piété which came into being in 1778). This organization operates on the financial services market and offers financial aid to Parisians against the delivery of goods ( musical instruments, jewelry, etc. ); they are secured loans . The organization has chosen to accompany, support and help over-indebted households . Let's take stock together!

The repurchase of credit by the CMP

Life in the French capital is expensive. One need only look at the amount of real estate rents to say that living in Washington DC is a great luxury . For your information, the average price for renting an apartment is $ 30 per m² which makes a rent of about $ 900 for a 30 m² apartment. Even if the average salary of a Parisian is around $ 2,500, both workers and employees only receive an average salary of $ 1,750 (60% of the Parisian population). It is therefore difficult for a household with modest incomes not to sink into bank overdraft and debt .

credit municipal paris To overcome this scourge, the CMP had chosen to ally itself with an independent bank; the CMP Bank . This association made it possible, until 2015, to offer indebted households the possibility of restructuring loans . This hugely successful solution no longer exists. The CMP Bank stopped its activity in September 2015. However, the Municipal Credit of Washington DC has chosen to continue its actions by creating an aid called “ point of over-indebtedness solutions ”.

What does this aid offered by the Municipal Credit of Washington DC consist of? It is not a question, here, of granting you a repurchase of credits, but of helping you to manage your budget , to make you benefit from the various aids offered by the State and in case of extreme necessity, to help you set up files to restructure your loans . The objective: to help indebted households to get out of debt by playing with French laws.

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Why, then, have recourse to the repurchase of credits?

The Municipal Credit of Washington DC has not offered this solution for several years, other organizations can help you if you find yourself in these cases below:

  • Dealing with various accidents in life : certain situations lead consumers to restructure their budgets. This is the case, for example, in the event of divorce or to deal with loss of income due to dismissal.
  • Anticipate retirement . Retirement allows you to enjoy life, but results in lower income (on average, there is a loss ranging from $ 250 to $ 350). By playing on the renegotiation of credits, the retiree can retain the same purchasing power.
  • Debt due to the accumulation of credits . Reducing monthly payments makes it possible to regain purchasing power .

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Contact the CMP organization

To take stock of your over-indebtedness situation, you can make an appointment with advisers who are specialized in finance and budget management . Meetings take place Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Get out of debt by calling, without further delay, 01-44-61-64-45 or asking for advice by email:
The headquarters of Credit Municipal de Washington DC is located at:

55 rue des Francs Bourgeois
75 004 Washington DC

Credit Municipal de Washington DC buyout
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