Redemption of Cofidis credits

You have to "change the way you look at your credit", according to the financial organization Cofidis! What if you found the solution to finance your next project or to reduce your monthly payments through this French group? Created in 1982 to help customers of Les 3 Suisses finance their purchases , this company has broadened its product portfolio. If consumer credit is the most popular product, Cofidis also offers credit consolidation solutions. Let yourself be guided by this informative article!

The repurchase of credits, according to Cofidis

If we look closely at the figures published by the Bank of United States, we see that the majority of low-income households are in debt and some are in a situation of over-indebtedness. For your information, the banks estimate that the household is in financial difficulty when the over- indebtedness rate is greater than 33% . The causes can be multiple; mismanagement of your monthly budget, compulsive buying, accumulation of consumer credits , unforeseen event:

  • death,
  • accident,
  • divorced,
  • dismissal ...

In some cases, the Bank of United States rejects the request when going to commission. This situation is possible when the household is not faced with over-indebtedness. So what recourse remains for the household that feels it is drowning in debt? According to Cofidis, the grouping of your credits in one and the same loan to be the solution to your debt problem . The repurchase of loans at Cofidis does not only concern consumer loans ( car loan , revolving loan, personal loan, loan for work, etc. ). The organization also offers to buy back all your unpaid bills (rents, taxes, bank overdraft, etc.). His proposal: bring together all of your debts in a single loan . The monthly payment, which is subject to an interest rate, is constant and owed to a single organization, which allows an indebted consumer to better manage his budget and, logically, to live more easily. It is also possible to make a partial redemption of credits !

We would like to alert you to the fact that the Cofidis credit company does not buy back mortgage loans . It is therefore not possible to use this financial institution to reduce your rents.

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cofidis financing plan

How does a loan buyback take place?

Of course, to allow an indebted consumer to swim above water, Cofidis advisers need to know household resources such as expenses ( food shopping included ). This is mandatory to allow an in-depth study of the file and to propose an adapted financing plan . In the view that the file is admissible, a Cofidis financial agent communicates with the applicant in order to offer him several solutions with different loan spreading durations. The longer the term, the lower the monthly payments. However, this is not always the most advantageous solution, as interest continues to accrue. It's up to the applicant to make his choice! After acceptance, the Cofidis advisor is responsible for settling all outstanding loans (there are sometimes penalties for early repayment ). All that remains is for the applicant to repay the loan contracted with Cofidis according to the terms defined in the basic contract. Although you are aware of it, the repurchase of credits remains a loan and the monthly payments must be honored.

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Be guided by a Cofidis financial advisor

While it is possible to simulate your repurchase of credits from the official website, being accompanied by an advisor can be a real asset. More than 700 advisers are waiting for you at 08-00-34-23-42 .
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Redemption of Cofidis credits
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