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Under the acronym CSF hides the name Social Credit of Officials . This financial organization specializes in insurance as well as in the distribution of financing solutions ; from consumer loans to borrowing to finance a vehicle or to make travel dreams come true. Within its catalog of financial products, we find the solution of the repurchase of credits. What are the advantages offered by CSF? How to take advantage of this financial solution?

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Loan buyback: strengths and operations according to CSF

Who is interested in the repurchase of credits and what is the main idea of ​​this financing solution? Households who are interested in the loan repurchase solution are generally households who feel caught by the throat of bills or who simply wish to relax their budget by reducing the amount of monthly repayment installments, the operation of the proposed loan repurchase. by the CSF is identical to that of other financial organizations. Thus, it should be remembered that the purpose of the resumption of credits is to reduce the monthly payments by combining all the credits in progress in a single loan. This option is only possible if the duration of the loan, and mechanically the total cost of the loan, is increased. This is the sine qua non condition for regaining great financial freedom . Redeeming your loans can reduce your monthly payments by 60% .

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What are the solutions offered by the CSF?

The CSF offers several solutions for repurchasing loans:

  1. Consolidate its consumer loans.
  2. Consolidate your mortgage loans.
  3. Bring together your mortgage loans with your consumer loans (mixed credit).

The loan buyback solution is mainly aimed at people with a debt ratio of less than 35% . This rate represents the ratio between the resources and the expenses of the household. It is difficult to grant a repurchase of credits to a household whose ratio is higher than 35% since the risks of non-repayment of drafts are multiplied.

In addition, you should know that in case of repurchase of real estate loans ( are excluded from the system of repurchases the loan at zero rate as well as the loan at 1% ) or during a repurchase of mixed credits, it is generally essential to give solid guarantees to the lender. The guarantee requested is generally the mortgage of the property which includes recourse to a notary to draw up the deed. This recourse to a cost which can be integrated into the amount of the loan which concerns the repurchase of credits.

In addition, you should also know that the early repayment of outstanding loans entails termination fees . You must read its general conditions of contracts to know the amount of its costs or contact the various credit organizations directly.

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Get in touch with a CSF financial advisor

To better understand the advantages of repurchasing credits, you can use the simulation tool found on the online portal. You get, in a few clicks, a redemption proposal. This proposal does not constitute acceptance of your file. An advisor must study your file. To be put in touch, dial 01-53-34-44-17 weekdays from 8:30 am to 7 pm or Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Repurchase of CSF credits
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