Repurchase of Crédit Agricole loans

According to Crédit Agricole, common sense has a future. This banking establishment (called the green bank) has followed the changing needs of consumers by diversifying its product portfolio. Today, this cooperative bank also offers financing solutions such as the consolidation of loans. Let's take stock of this type of financial product offered by Crédit Agricole.

CA rachat credits

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Group loans according to Crédit Agricole

The consolidation of credits is aimed at people in debt looking for a solution to increase their purchasing power while balancing the balance of the financial budget. It is, in a way, a more comfortable single loan since the monthly payments and the repayment period are defined at the time of the loan offer. To do this, Crédit Agricole needs to know your financial results and your situation to establish fair loan offers . Remember to bring your financial documents such as the various schedules or amortization tables!

With regard to financing solutions, Crédit Agricole offers a complete range of products which makes it possible to adapt the offer according to each person's situation. We therefore find:

  • The regrouping of traditional credits and revolving credits.
  • Renegotiation of mortgage loans ( or mortgage loans in progress ).
  • The consolidation of consumer loans with mortgage loans.

Crédit Agricole listens to its customers. In fact, be aware that it will be possible to include unpaid debts ( taxes, rents, insurance… ) or even bank overdrafts in the amount of the repurchase of credit. It is best to discuss this with the bank advisor. Another boon for the customer: the interest rate is significantly lower than the interest rate charged on consumer loans.

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CA regroupement credits

Abusing consumer credit is bad

Keep in mind that the amount of money (or sums of money) loaned must be repaid. It is clear that the rate of over-indebtedness is constantly changing, the French government has promulgated a law ( Lagarde law ) to fight against excess consumer credit and mechanically against over-indebtedness. Other laws are also in favor of the consumer. We are talking, for example, of the Hamon law . This law allows a consumer to terminate an insurance contract ( auto, motorcycle, home ) at any time as soon as he has respected a first 12-month commitment and if the consumer has found a less expensive insurance contract. Lowering the amount of insurance contributions is a first step towards rebalancing your budget . Moreover, Crédit Agricole advisers will not fail to do simulations since this banking group offers this type of product.

agricultural credit buyback simulator

Request a personalized study

To do a personalized study, you can contact Crédit Agricole's bank advisers. The best way is to make an appointment in your branch, taking with you all the documents necessary to constitute a loan offer ( account statement, amortization tables, etc. ). It is also possible to use the simulation tool that you find online on the portal: .

Repurchase of Crédit Agricole loans
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