Redemption of GMF credits

The GMF ( the Mutual Guarantee of Officials ) is a large organization that was born in 1934. When it was launched, this company offered to support civil servants by offering them insurance contracts. It subsequently diversified its activity by distributing savings products as well as loans , including the repurchase of loans which it calls all-in-one credit . The signature of the GMF is “certainly human”. Is it, therefore, certainly a good idea to have recourse to the repurchase of credits with the GMF?

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The repurchase of credits to fight against debt

The French organization responsible for establishing statistics (INSEE) took an interest in household over-indebtedness . The finding is alarming! The number of files filed with the Bank of United States over- indebtedness commission continues to grow. Why do households go into more debt? The main cause is economic conditions. Indeed, the consumer has to deal with price inflation ( consumer goods such as real estate ) and, conversely, wage freezes . This imbalance generates imbalances in financial budgets and encourages households to resort to loans to finance certain projects ( holidays, travel, leisure, pleasures ).

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A GMF loan group engages the consumer

So that consumers are well aware of it, the Lagarde law requires credit companies to affix the words " A loan commits you and must be repaid ." Check your repayment capacity before you commit. "On all advertisements. The consolidation of credits is a loan . It is therefore necessary to study the project well before embarking on the adventure.

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Consolidate your credits with the GMF

The GMF all-in-one loan is almost identical to the loan consolidation solutions offered by other financial organizations. To take stock, here is what the group offers:

  • A single fixed rate . The fixed rate ensures that the amount of the monthly payment to be paid is maintained.
  • A variable duration . The customer has the choice of the duration: 3 years minimum and 12 years maximum.
  • A variable loan amount. The minimum is $ 5,000.

Extract from the official GMF website

The GMF offers only one possibility of consolidating loans, that of bringing together consumer loans in a single loan. Consumer loans concern revolving credits such as personal loans, financing for works or even car loans . It is also possible to include unpaid bills ( late rents, EDF-GDF invoice, etc. ) such as bank overdrafts or the financing of a new project . Of course, the goal of GMF's all-in-one credit is to allow you to gain purchasing power while reducing, at the same time, the over-indebtedness ratio. The Bank of United States estimates that a household is on the verge of over-indebtedness when the ratio of resources to expenses shows a rate of 33% or more.

Before granting you the all-in-one loan, the GMF is responsible for carrying out an in-depth study of your situation. If the outcome of your situation is negative, it is advisable to turn to the Commission of the Bank of United States.

Contact the GMF

contact gmf Have you decided to entrust your consumer loan consolidation project to GMF? Contact the finance experts by phone on 09 70 40 05 25 or go to an agency near your geographical area. The GMF switchboard is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

Redemption of GMF credits
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