Repurchase of loans Banque Française Mutualiste

Here, under the acronym BFM is not hiding the information channel, but a banking organization that addresses officials . This is the Banque Française Mutualiste . This organization, which is associated with Société Générale, tries to apply four fundamental values: solidarity, respect, responsibility and finally simplicity . If it is known for its distribution of its classic financial products, know that it also offers the solution that is the repurchase of credits . Let's go around the question together to get to know the product better.

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Banque Française Mutualiste loan repurchase offers

Before analyzing the different offers offered by the BFM bank, it is good to recall the reasons that push a household to be interested in a loan buyback. In fact, you should know that the economic situation is not favorable for the household budget. Even if it is true that many solutions for the financing of projects exist, households quickly feel caught by their throats no longer being able to meet daily expenses such as food shopping for example or repairs to washing machines or vehicles . The solution of the repurchase of credits is not a miraculous solution, but which can really be of a precious help to regularize its budget . The repurchase of credits of BFM is addressed only to civil servants (agents of the public sector) who recognize themselves in the preceding description.
The Banque Française Mutualiste therefore proposes to analyze the files of indebted civil servants. The offers are adapted to each person's situation in order to facilitate daily life and budget management. The term of the new loan can range from 6 to 96 months and amounts from $ 1,500 to $ 75,000.

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Is it possible to consolidate my mortgage?

The BFM loan repurchase solution only concerns consumer loans . It is, therefore, at present, not possible to request the consolidation with its mortgages . This financial transaction is done without any guarantee request unlike a repurchase of mixed credits. In order to be able to assess your debt ratio and thus propose loan offers, the BFM advisor needs to know all of your income and all of your expenses. As this organization only offers aid for public sector employees, it is not necessary to present your employment contract.

The duration, the interest rate, the monthly payment and the total cost of credit must appear in the loan offer. We recommend that you analyze this document carefully. If the lengthening of the repayment period greatly reduces the amount of monthly payments, it increases the total cost of the new credit. In addition, you should know that if the loan consolidation contains a revolving loan , it is the responsibility of BFM to settle it taking into account the termination fees for early payment.

Even if you have a stable situation, it is preferable to take out insurance that will cover your back in the event of an accident of life (death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy and total incapacity for work). The BFM will refuse any loan request greater than 10,000 with a spread over 3 years or more without this insurance.

Optimize your budget by requesting a loan buyback

Whether you just want information or make a request, you can phone the finance experts on the BFM team by calling 08-21-22-25-00 Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Unfortunately, the telephone number is surcharged. We invite you to make an appointment with an advisor at a BFM branch near you (or at Société Générale). You will find the contact details on the official website.

Repurchase of loans Banque Française Mutualiste
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