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Carrefour is a large reputable retailer in France. To optimize customer budgets , it has decided to join forces with an independent bank which becomes Carrefour Banque . This institution offers various financial products such as payment cards with revolving credits, insurance and consumer credits . A few years ago, this bank decided to be closer to its customers by distributing a loan repurchase solution. Zoom on this financial product!

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Carrefour Banque and the repurchase of loans

Before making a loan buyback request, it is essential to look for other solutions to restore your financial situation. Indeed, the repurchase of credits is only one of the possible solutions , but you can also endeavor to find other ideas such as the realization of savings on the price of various insurances or on your food consumption. The repurchase of credits is a solution of relief before the file of over- indebtedness ( Bank of United States ). Analyzing your budget to balance the balance of resources and expenses is by far the best solution.

Why ? This question is legitimate and its answer is simple. The repurchase of credits is a new loan which will commit you in the long term. Of course, it has many advantages such as lower debt ratios, lower monthly payments or even increased monthly cash flow . However, the new loan commits you to a repayment over a much longer period with a much higher total cost of credit . In fact, it is advisable to seek to readjust your bank account before opting for this intermediate solution.

The credit consolidation proposed by Banque Carrefour only concerns consumer loans. In fact, your mortgage (or your mortgage) will not be able to enter into the calculation of the new loan. It will, however, be taken into account to determine your debt ratio . The consumer code governs this device. Thus, you should know that the duration of the new loan cannot exceed 12 years (i.e. 144 months). Banque Carrefour has set a limit on the amount of the loan as well as on the duration. In fact, it is not possible to make a recovery of more than $ 50,000 and the duration will not exceed 120 months (ie 10 years).

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The advantages of this system are numerous:

  • Banque Carrefour becomes your only point of contact for the repayment of consumer loans .
  • More flexibility in the management of your bank accounts. Having only one monthly repayment makes management easier.
  • Banque Carrefour is responsible for repaying outstanding loans. It includes termination fees for early repayments .
  • The new monthly payment is less than the total monthly payments you used to repay.
  • The new loan is subject to a single rate . You will have to choose between a variable or fixed rate when offering loans.

Banque Carrefour also offers customers the option of integrating a new loan into the calculation of loan repurchases. This new loan can be used to do work like a personal purchase or simply to pay off unpaid debts like rent.

Simulate a loan buyback

If you are pro-IT style, be aware that you cannot fake your buyout plan from the live site. It is imperative to contact an advisor . For this you have two options:

  • Go to a Banque Carrefour financing agency .
  • Make a request from the form so that an advisor can call you back for free:
Carrefour Banque loan buyback
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