Ymanci credit buyback

Ymanci is a new credit brand, it is the result of the merger of three brands. It is active in the fields of mortgage, consumer loan repurchase and insurance. We will therefore see together what is happening with their proposal for the consolidation of credits.

What are the cases where a repurchase of credits is interesting?

redemption ymanci

  1. It may be wise to buy back your consumer loans when it becomes complicated to repay the loan maturities at the end of the month. In this case, the operation makes it possible to lower the amount of the “reimbursement of consumer credits” budget.
  2. It also frequently happens that a household wishes to contract a new loan and that the bank refuses because the debt ratio has already been reached or exceeded. The trick is to buy back the current loans, and add a new loan. Certainly that will do more to repay. But by extending the term of the loan we mathematically lower the monthly repayments.
  3. A foreseeable change within a few months (retirement, cost of children's studies, transition to part-time). Generates either a decrease in income or an increase in expenses. But the problem is the same: "How do I pay it off every month?" Anticipating is always better than suffering! And credit pooling can be a good solution. Since it will reduce the amount of monthly payments.

This operation lowers the monthly payments, but we must be aware of the fact that it is to the detriment of the duration of the credit that it is extended.

What types of loans can we integrate into the buyback of Ymanci credits?

Affected consumer credits : These are the credits that are granted on condition that the amount loaned is used only for the purchase of a product or a service well determined in advance. Moreover for this type of loan you will be asked to justify the purchase with an invoice. The most common example of affected credit is auto credit.

Unallocated credits : They are sometimes called “ personal loans ”. They are not subject to proof of purchase. They can be used to pay off debts or buy multiple items without reporting to the lender.

Revolving credits : These are cash reserves that can be used at will (as long as the ceiling is not reached). Their particularity is to be very expensive.

Approaches :

First, you should contact a Ymanci advisor , either in one of their branches. Either online, all you have to do is connect to their site: https://ymanci.fr . You will find explanations there. If you apply for a simulation online, you will probably be redirected to the site of one of the companies that Imanci has recently acquired (Central finances). If you go to the end of the simulation, a Ymanci advisor will contact you.

Ymanci credit buyback
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