Redemption of ING Direct immo loans

Is it necessary to do the presentation of the first online bank in United States? ING Direct offers a shower of financial products; from a simple bank account to a savings account, including life insurance and mortgage loans. And because nothing is more important than customer satisfaction, ING Direct also offers to buy back your mortgage . What is the purpose of this buyout? We explain everything to you in this press release.

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The buyback of mortgage loans by ING Direct

Overestimating their borrowing capacities; here is a cause of over-indebtedness. However, this cause is not the only one. No one is safe from a “glitch” in life such as a traffic accident, death, dismissal or even divorce . All of these unfortunate situations are a part of life and they are out of control. Even if you play the card of prudence in saving, you will undoubtedly need to readjust your budget according to the situation which presents itself. It is, in these specific cases, that the repurchase of credits can be a true partner. Why ?

The repurchase of credits is a financial device which will make it possible to lower your monthly repayment installments and thus to be able to better manage the situations. ING Direct offers to renegotiate the amount of monthly mortgage payments. The aim is to reduce them. In fact, a renegotiation that will have a longer duration but a higher interest rate will not be profitable for the consumer. At ING Direct, the duration does not exceed 25 years . The loan amount is between $ 80,000 and $ 1,500,000.

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What is a good mortgage repurchase?

For this financial group, a consolidation of loans for real estate must:

  • Offer a lower interest rate. Certain loans are therefore not to be included in a mortgage repurchase, such as 0% loans (PTZ and PTZ plus), 1% housing loans as well as honor loans for students.
  • Offer a lower monthly repayment.
  • Offer a repayment period according to each person's situation.
  • Offer low application fees . At ING Direct, the administration fees are $ 500.
  • Offer a fixed rate throughout the term of the loan.

To make this possibility available to its customers, ING Direct recommends that its customers:

  • Subscribe to borrower insurance . This insurance is of great use in dealing with accidents of life ( dismissal, death, illness, disability, etc. ).
  • To have a deposit or a mortgage .

Paying off a mortgage in advance entails costs . These are the prepayment indemnities (known by the acronym IRA). The amount of fees is defined in the contracts. These costs may be included in the amount of the loan when redeeming ING Direct mortgage loans .

Get out of debt by contacting ING Direct

The financing request ( estimate of the loan repurchase project according to the conditions set by ING Direct) is free. In addition, you should know that the response is immediate . By communicating with a financial expert , you know if your file is admissible or not. Call, without further delay, 09-69-36-29-92 . The switchboard is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Redemption of ING Direct immo loans
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