Repurchase of Bred credits

BRED's signature is: “Adding up the forces, multiplying the chances” . BRED is a cooperative bank owned by Banque Populaire . Its commercial offers are aimed at individuals as well as non-salaried workers and other professionals. Its product catalog is vast: life insurance, health insurance, online banking, loans . The repurchase of credits (called C redit Sérénité ) is one of the flagship products of this financial group. Is this solution advantageous? Let's do a check in.

repurchase credit bred

A repurchase of credits at the Bred

Which Frenchman has never found himself in a perilous financial situation? Between the payment of bills ( energy, water, rents, taxes, etc. ), bills for secondary needs ( Internet, telephone, etc. ), expenses related to primary needs ( food shopping, etc. ) without forgetting reimbursements linked to loans and other expenses useful ( ready-to-wear, health expenses, insurance, studies for children, overhaul of vehicles, etc. ), the bank account quickly borders on “red”. This situation leads to frustration and deprivation and does not allow a responsible citizen to anticipate the future.

To live in better conditions, you have to balance your budget by optimizing your spending and increasing your resources. To support you in this search for a comfortable budget and to avoid filing in the Bank of United States , there is the solution of the repurchase of credits.

This financial operation is aimed at all people wishing to stabilize their cash flow by reducing the charges relating to the repayments of various outstanding loans. The BRED group does not offer the takeover of mortgage loans. Its solution only covers consumer loans as well as various delinquencies and bank overdrafts.

cost redemption credits bred

La Bred studies the cost of credit

Regarding the details of this offer, it is a personal loan whose amount varies between $ 1,000 and $ 35,000. The repayment period cannot exceed 72 months. Administrative fees are also to be included.
For the transaction to be advantageous, it is essential to focus on the total cost of credit. Indeed, the longer the repayment period for the new loan, the higher the total cost . It is therefore necessary to analyze the loan repurchase offer before committing. The Lagarde law which governs this device warns the borrower that the loan must be repaid.

The BRED group does not grant the “serenity” loan without having studied your file. In fact, it will be necessary to provide all the supporting documents necessary for a careful study:

    • Schedule ,
    • Rent,
    • Debts,
    • Invoices,
    • Resources…

After agreement, the group becomes a single interlocutor and is responsible for repaying outstanding loans after creditors. Be careful however, the law allows consumer credit organizations to charge prepayment fees.

Contact a BRED advisor

The BRED group advisers are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to discuss the repurchase of credits or set up a study file according to your needs. For direct contact, dial 01 567 274 44.

Repurchase of Bred credits
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