Repurchase of Sygma bank loans

Sygma Banque is a subsidiary organization of Laser Cofinoga and which belongs to one of the leaders in the financial market: BNP Personal Finance. Sygma Banque is a specialist in financing solutions , including loan repurchase. If this concept is unknown to you, know that it is a loan taken out in order to settle the other credits . This financial transaction is more and more popular with consumers. Why resort to the consolidation of credits? What are the formulas offered by Sygma Banque? This post explains this concept in detail.

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Explanations on the repurchase of credits

Being in an uncomfortable financial situation harms a consumer's well-being. Indeed, he only works to repay his debts (repayment of credits like the various invoices) and feels obliged to deprive himself so as not to sink into bank overdraft . To put it simply, a person in debt (here, we do not mention over-indebtedness) has more charges (or an equivalent amount) than resources. To restore the balance of the financial balance , the amount of charges must be reduced. The redemption of credits can help you in this quest.

The law gives rules on this device. Thus, when an organization (Sygma Banque for example) grants a loan to an individual to enable him to collect the loans he has in his possession, the financial institution must obligatorily suggest to the borrower to take charge of the reimbursement of dispersed credits . It must also play on transparency by giving full information on the new loan offer ( interest rate, amount borrowed, management cost, total cost of credit, repayment period ).

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Types of credit redemption

Whether you are tenants or owners, permanent employees or civil servants… Sygma Banque has a solution to offer you to optimize your budget . So that everyone can find the perfect offer, Sygma Bank has an extraordinary arsenal of products: mortgage loan repurchase, loan consolidation without proof or guarantee.

The rates set for the reunification of its loans are in accordance with the markets as well as the duration of the loan. Thus, for consumer loans, the duration varies between 4 and 12 years while for mortgage loans, the duration varies from 10 to 25 years. As part of a mixed grouping of loans (real estate with consumer loans), Sygma Bank applies the law. In fact, if the total amount of mortgage loans is less than 60% of the total amount of the loan, the repurchase will be governed by the consumer credit regime.

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Cost and benefits of credit redemption

Sygma Banque did not wish to offer the simulation online . To obtain a study, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the telephone call or the sending of an email ( ). The offices are open weekdays (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.). The telephone number for obtaining information on financing products is 05 565 580 06. Sygma Banque also works with specialized brokers to distribute its offers (PCB Finances for example).

Repurchase of Sygma bank loans
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