Groupama loan buyback

Groupama is a financial organization that operates on the insurance market, but also on the financial market . This group, which has existed since 1986, offers its products in 11 different countries, including the United States. Home insurance, health protection, life insurance, consumer credit or credit redemption ; Groupama inevitably seeks to give the best to its customers. Moreover, this group has chosen to put a very specific signature on its advertising slogans since it highlights the sign "always there for me" . What does this group offer in terms of credit redemption? Is this a possible option to “germinate” purchasing power? We shed light on this solution in this post. Groupama and the loan buyback solution that is there for you!

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To be able to live in favorable conditions, Man looks for means to finance his life projects . He will, for the most part, have recourse to various credit offers including the mortgage , if he wants to access property or revolving credit to purchase movable property. At the present time, it is good to dispel prejudices and understand that resorting to credits is not a defect, but a good way to finance your projects. However, the overconsumption of credits can cause temporary as well as lasting financial problems. This is particularly the case when an unforeseeable event occurs in a lifetime and the situation has to be faced financially. It can be a divorce, a dismissal or an accident. It should be noted that the Bank of United States specified in one of its last reports that overconsumption of credits was no longer the primary cause of household over-indebtedness .

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So how do you not get caught in Bank of United States ? The credit consolidation solution can be a real idea.

You have to be realistic, borrowing is not a miraculous solution that will disengage you. The new loan will also have to be repaid. But, what are the advantages?

  • The monthly payment to be repaid decreases.
  • The credits are centralized with a single financial partner.
  • The interest rate is unique. In the majority of cases, financial groups offer a fixed rate.
  • There is only one body left to exchange.

Groupama has chosen to offer only the consolidation of consumer loans; the most common financial credit transaction. It is important to keep in mind that a reunification is only possible if the company buys at least two current loans (excluding real estate) whatever the nature ( loan for the purchase of a vehicle, loan for travel, credit renewable, bank overdraft, etc. ). To get straight to the point, Groupama suggests that you review the amount of your monthly payments while offering other advantages such as:

  • The absence of file management fees .
  • The possibility of having recourse to a carry-over of appropriations in the event of financial difficulties.
  • The absence of canvassing with creditors . The financial advisor is responsible for establishing correspondence with the various organizations and for settling outstanding loans.
  • A deferred repayment of three months. The applicant does not start paying his first repayment drafts until three months after the conclusion of the loan, which allows savings to begin.
  • The possibility of including a new consumer credit to meet new expenses.

While it is true that the concept is advantageous, we must not ignore the reality. The consolidation of loans remains a loan and the fact of extending the repayment period to reduce the monthly payment has an impact on the total cost of credit . Never borrow if you haven't looked at your finances or assessed your repayment capacity .

Groupama loan buyback
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