Redemption of available credits

Before taking an interest in the repurchase of credits offered by the disponis financial group, it is good to get to know this company. Availability is a brand owned by Société Générale. It offers cash reserves such as conventional loans or the restructuring of credits . This sign, which has the signature “credit according to you” has financing solutions to offer depending on each situation. This post is concerned, here, only with the restructuring of credits and its advantages.


Restructure loans to regain purchasing power

When the charges to pay are similar (or higher) to the resources, the household experiences real difficulties in living comfortably . This critical situation can quickly escalate if the consumer does not react quickly:

  • rejection of direct debits or checks,
  • late payments in rents or invoices,
  • inability to eat properly ,
  • problems in the financing of health care ...

Until a few years ago, indebtedness (or over-indebtedness) was associated with poor budget management or even over-consumption of consumer credit. This assertion is no longer relevant. The Bank of United States , which issues regular reports, has made it clear that the various laws governing lending have had a positive effect. Today, indebtedness is mainly caused by unforeseeable events in life ( dismissal, accident, divorce, etc. ). These are, therefore, the unfortunate situations that reduce a household's resources and which mainly propel the consumer into this spiral of debt.

Available credits redemption

credit consolidation quote

To avoid becoming personally bankrupt, consumers are increasingly turning to organizations offering loan restructuring. The interest of such a financial product is to simplify the lives of consumers, owners and tenants, by having a lower monthly payment to pay . Admittedly, the repayment period is longer and the total cost of credit is higher , but other advantages are added including:

  • The sustainability of the debt ratio.
  • The revaluation of purchasing power .
  • Simplified management of your monthly budget.

Availability offers an offer for consumer loans , including revolving loans . It is also possible to include its arrears or to integrate a cash fund in the total amount of the loan. Mortgages are excluded from the disponis offers.

After agreement (admissible file), disponis releases the necessary sum to close the loans (the financial partner takes the necessary steps for you ). The remaining part is paid directly to the bank account. The borrower then reimburses directly Available by direct debit on the date provided in the loan offer.

How to proceed to buy back credits?

If you have computer knowledge, do not hesitate to use the online simulator offered by disponis . This evaluation will allow you to discover the impact of consolidating financial loans on your budget. Then contact an expert to do the feasibility study by calling 08 268 270 00 (open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays).

Redemption of available credits
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