Repurchase of credits at the Crédit municipal de Toulon

A social idea of ​​the Bank: here is the signature of the Toulon municipal credit union. This public body comes to the aid of Toulon residents who are going through an uncomfortable financial situation by offering various financing formulas, including the pawnshop .

You should know that the municipal credit unions ( Credit municipal de Nice , Credit municipal de Marseille , Credit municipal de Washington DC, etc.) have a monopoly on this financial product. When I am in debt, can the Toulon municipal credit union help me? If yes, how ?

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Toulon's debt and municipal credit

Toulon is a sumptuous city in the south of the United States where life is good because of the landscape and the very hostile climate. The setting is idyllic, but life is expensive . Toulon is an attractive and dynamic city well served by public transport. It is also a student city. Unfortunately, the housing budget is relatively heavy (US $ 2,567 per m² for the purchase of real estate). In times of crisis, it is difficult to be able to afford the luxury of a villa by the sea.

It is, without evoking, the difficulties to finance its projects of holidays or of arrangement of its interior. Indeed, while it is true that the energy bills are lower compared to the bills of northerners, the cost of living is much more expensive. It is enough to analyze the price of foodstuffs or the amount of an hour of parking to realize that living in the sun is a great privilege.

The cost of living being hard , the Toulonnais (like many French from other regions) have recourse to credit as to deferred payment to live comfortably. The accumulation of credits increases the weight of the charges to be paid monthly.

A heavyweight that can sink a consumer (like a household) into the debt spiral . Faced with these findings, it is not unusual to find yourself in a financially uncomfortable life situation.

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Can Toulon municipal credit help you? The answer is yes. Unlike many municipal credit unions, the Toulon fund offers the repurchase of credits. This financing solution makes it possible to contain all the credits of a consumer within a single loan.

What does Toulon municipal credit offer? The agency gave a specific name to its financing solution: Griffon Equilibre . In short, it is a sum of money loaned allowing a citizen to balance his financial budget . There are 4 essential points to remember about the repurchase of credits offered by the municipal credit:

  • The term of the loan will not exceed 8 years .
  • The loan concerns consumer loans including bad debts or bank overdrafts.
  • The loan, in the restructuring of loans , concerns owners as well as tenants, people on CDI as well as unemployed people.
  • The value as well as the rate of the loan depends on the file.

Contact the Toulon municipal credit

Before embarking on this option, know that you have the opportunity to download the loan application brochure from the Crédit Municipal de Toulon website . If you need additional information or help, dial 08 100 183 83 or go to this address:

Toulon municipal credit
10 place Vincent Raspail
83000 Toulon

Repurchase of credits at Crédit municipal de Toulon
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