Repurchase of Franfinance credits

Are you looking for a solution to reduce your monthly charges generated by your credits? The consolidation of credits can be a solution to allow you to increase the remainder to live . The Franfinance organization was founded in 1989. It is one of the largest in the credit market. The portfolio of financial products distributed by this large group is complete; from personal credit to finance his leisure time to credit for the purchase of a car via revolving credit to have cash at hand or even the consolidation of loans. In this post, we are mainly interested in the loan buyback solutions offered by the Franfinance group.

franfinance repurchase credit

The financing option "repurchase of credits" by Franfinance

Consolidating your loans into a single loan offers multiple advantages :

  • No longer have loans scattered with different creditors at different rates and different durations.
  • Having only one point of contact, which allows you to better manage your budget and financial problems.
  • Only have one loan at a single rate : linear monthly payment throughout the repayment period.
  • Decrease the refund amount. Spreading out the debt lowers the cost of the monthly payment.
  • Lower its debt ratio . When a debt ratio is 33% or more, getting a loan to finance a new project is almost impossible.
  • Gain purchasing power .
  • Amplify his remainder to live. The remainder to live is the money remaining after having paid all of its charges.

Franfinance explores all avenues so that each interested party can live fully without tightening their belts at the end of the month. For this, the company has chosen to collaborate with the company Finadéa; an expert on the financing market. All profiles are accepted: single, married, tenants, owners, civil servants, temporary workers, permanent employees .

Franfinance financial products

What are the different formulas offered by Franfinance?

Franfinance's portfolio of financial products has three formulas:

Formula n ° 1 : combine consumer loans in a single loan . For this action to take place, the person concerned must have at least two consumer loans ( mortgage loan, loan to finance work, credits linked to a store card, etc. ).

Formula n ° 2 : combine home loans in a single loan. Homeowners can decrease the charges associated with real estate by consolidating home loans into a new loan . Banks require one of the assets to be mortgaged . Be careful, it is not advantageous to renegotiate your 0% loans and 1% loans.

Formula n ° 3 : combine mortgage loans with consumer loans . Few banking (or credit) organizations offer this so-called mixed loan repurchase solution. This funding is regulated by law. In fact, if the amount of mortgage loans represents 60% or more of the amount of the new loan, the repurchase of loans will be governed by the rules of mortgage.

Formula n ° 2 and formula n ° 3 are only accessible to owners.

Correspond with a Franfinance advisor

On the online portal ( ), you can access a Franfinance online simulator . The request for a free personalized study which does not commit the interested party can be made directly from this tool. It only takes 3 minutes to explain your needs. For direct contact with one of Franfinance's advisors , dial 08 268 265 55 (premium rate number).

Repurchase of Franfinance credits
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