Redemption of Mediatis credits

Mediatis was a well-known financial group, notably in the distribution of credits linked to the loyalty card . This phrase is used in the past tense, because the Mediatis company no longer exists. It was bought by one of the biggest major players in the finance market: the Cofinoga establishment. Mediatis customers still enjoy the advantages of this organization: revolving credit, personal credit, credit redemption . The difference: the conditions are subject to the same regulations proposed by the Cofidis credit institution. Want to know more about credit consolidation? Decryption.

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Credit redemption: the Médiatis solution

Who requests a loan buyback? There are three typical profiles of households that request this financing solution that is the repurchase of credits:

  • Profile 1 : the household needs a cash fund to anticipate the future .
  • Profile 2 : the household cannot cover all of its needs. In fact, he needs to reduce the amount of his expenses to recover purchasing power.
  • Profile 3 : the household needs to finance a new project , but its debt ratio does not allow it to have access to a personal loan.

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What are the advantages of credit redemption?

At Mediatis, it is possible to collect your consumer loans as well as your mortgage loans . In general, when you want to access this solution, you want to save money and reassess your purchasing power. Mediatis (or rather Cofidis) offers a loan takeover at a single single rate. You are fully entitled to wonder about the interest of making this regrouping. It is, quite, loyal! Know that making a recovery of its scattered credits at different rates with different credit organizations harms your over-indebtedness rate as well as the management of your budget. In fact, here's a small list of the benefits you can get from pooling credits:

  • Only have one credit in progress at one rate . Having only one loan reduces the debt ratio which can be advantageous in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Have only one interlocutor. The fact of having only one credit organization allows you to have to dialogue only with a financial expert. In case of problems, the advisor will be happy to find a solution such as a deferral of monthly payments .
  • Lower the monthly payment to be paid each month. The fact of gathering the credits makes it possible to renegotiate the amount of the monthly payment. It's a logical equation: the rate decreases, the duration is extended, the monthly payment decreases .

Before applying to Mediatis, you must be sure that your new loan will allow you to live in better conditions and that you will be able to repay it . Be aware that Mediatis will not accept your case if your case is not solid. To find out, contact Cofidis as explained below.

How to reach Mediatis advisers?

As Mediatis only exists by name, to apply for the consolidation of credits, you will have to contact Cofidis . The advisers are waiting for you to study your project on 3026.

Redemption of Mediatis credits
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