Repurchase of CAFPI credits

CAFPI ( Advice on Access and Financing in Real Estate Loans ) is a broker specializing in real estate credit . This brokerage agency, which was founded in 1971, puts its professionalism at the service of future owners. Its commitments: to negotiate with the various credit organizations in order to find a noble financing solution for the future purchaser and to provide him with all the necessary advice to carry out his project ( PTZ , PTZ +, Scellier law, Carrez law, Lagarde law, etc. ) . CAFPI is close to owners wishing to renegotiate their mortgage loans . Let's take a look at the subject.

CAFPI real estate debt

The repurchase of real estate loans by CAFPI

Did you know that real estate debt was one of the main causes of the increase in the rate of over-indebted households? It was following a study carried out by INSEE that it was possible to put forward this assertion. Why ? Quite simply, because the price per m² of real estate has experienced inflation. In large cities, it takes an average of $ 1900 per m² for the purchase of an apartment. To become an owner, you therefore have to pay a high price (around $ 114,000 for an apartment with a surface area of ​​60 m²).

Despite the inflation in house prices , some responsible consumers have chosen to invest in stone. This investment therefore reduced their purchasing power as well as the debt ratio. Purely as an indication, if a household has a debt ratio greater than 33%, it is logically no longer possible to take out a new loan.

The mortgage buyback market is vast and, let's be honest, finding the best financing solution isn't easy. It is with this in mind that the CAFPI company was created; support the owner in his investment project procedures. To offer the best to its customers, CAFPI works with more than 130 financial partners ; from the Banque Populaire to the Caisse d'Épargne via the Municipal Credit of Washington DC or the Creditlift .

credit consolidation quote

The grouping of real estate loans is only open to owners since it is imperative to put real estate in mortgage . The mortgage will be validated by a notary by an authentic deed . Remember that putting your property in mortgage can have serious consequences if you are no longer able to repay the loan (sale of the property at auction).

mortgage renegotiation

How does a real estate loan consolidation work?

The consumer gives the necessary information to a CAFPI broker . The latter is responsible for negotiating with its partners in order to offer you a grouping of mortgage loans at the best rates. Renegotiating mortgage loans has four advantages:

  • Save money .
  • Reduce your budget.
  • Increase your purchasing power .
  • Reduce its over-indebtedness rate.

It is recalled that grouping your loans into one aims to reduce the amount of monthly payments by reducing the interest rate and extending the term of the loan. A loan engages the consumer and must be reimbursed.

CAFPI: experts at your service

CAFPI contact With more than 40 years of experience, CAFPI can help you renegotiate your mortgage loans . You can use the calculator on the official website ( ), make an appointment with a broker or call 08 25 30 66 00 or send an email to .

Repurchase of CAFPI credits
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