Buyback of Financo credits

“A resolutely human credit organization” , these are the values ​​of the financial institution Financo. Created in 1986, this organization originally offered only consumer loans. It is clear that households were in debt , it decided to join forces with Crédit Mutuel Arkéa to be able to develop its activity and offer the solution of repurchasing loans .

What is this device for?

What is Financo's proposal?

Financo repurchase credits

Buy back credits to optimize your budget

What are household expenses ? Those are :

  • energy bills ( electricity, gas, water ),
  • monthly charges ( co-ownership charge, household waste tax, etc. ),
  • the payment of various insurances ( home, complementary health, car, motorcycle, etc. ),
  • the purchase of fuel, the reimbursement of consumer loans ,
  • food shopping, leisure ( mobile phone, Internet, cinema, vacations, bowling, sports ),
  • secondary expenses ( vehicle repair costs for example ),
  • taxes and rent ( or mortgage rent ).
  • child maintenance , leisure and school fees .

In short, the total expenses of a household are usually equivalent to the total amount of income, even if the household has a regular income. To allow you to live better with a budget, financial institutions offer the solution of optimizing the budget by redeeming credits.

Information For your information, we remind you of the mechanism for repurchasing credits. A Financo advisor analyzes your budget by making a summary of the household's resources and expenses. This analysis allows you to estimate your debt ratio .

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This ratio is an essential criterion for issuing loan offers. The idea is to take back all the credits in progress with the various creditors. After the balance of the credits, there remains only one and only interlocutor and only one monthly payment to be paid. For a significant reduction in monthly payments, it is necessary to lengthen the duration of the loan and automatically consider an increase in the total cost of the new credit.

At Financo, it is possible to combine all (or part) of your consumer loans with mortgage loans . Even if the financial organization is less known than its competitors, it has been able to expand its range of products in order to offer a real solution adapted to each consumer. The main thing for Financo is to help indebted households avoid falling into over-indebtedness.

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The advantages of Financo's offers are as follows:

  • Possibility of studying requests for the repurchase of consumer credits such as the repurchase of mixed credits ( consumer credits with real estate credits ).
  • Possibility of extending the duration to reduce the monthly repayment installments.
  • Reduce its debt ratio .
  • Obtain a low interest rate identical to all of the repurchased credits.
  • A single debit date for better budget management .

Financo's offers are not reserved for a specific clientele. Whether you are retired, young workers, workers, managers or even self-employed workers , you can entrust your project to Financo experts .

Be careful though, the advisor needs to do a thorough study of your project to determine if you are able to make the repayment. Otherwise, the project cannot be completed.

Request a financing plan from Financo

Don't we say that the best way to get information is to talk to a credit expert? The Financo team answers your questions Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You just have to dial 08-25-01-81-11 ( premium rate phone number ). An online simulator is also at your fingertips from the Financo online portal.

Buyback of Financo credits
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