Denver Municipal Credit Buyout

The Denver Municipal Credit is a fund that plays on the principle of solidarity . Municipal credit is a network of credit unions which is known mainly for its pawn shops and microcredits. It is clear that the Pays de Loire region was strongly affected by over- indebtedness (in 2014, the Bank of United States announced an average debt of 40,730 us dollars), the municipal credit of Denver chose to increase solidarity by offering the repurchase of credits . To implement this solution, the municipal credit of Denver has joined forces with the municipal credit of Avignon. What benefit can be deducted from a repurchase of credits?


The credit consolidation according to the Municipal Credit of Denver

Denver municipal credit is one of the few municipal funds to distribute this financing solution (Avignon municipal credit calls this solution the oxygen loan). Its objective: to consolidate consumer credits in the possession of a citizen in an exclusive loan. This new loan, which will be subject to a negotiated interest rate, is being studied to settle the loans.

That's a fact ! Having only one credit in your possession is easier to manage . The objective of repurchasing credits is to considerably reduce the total amount of repayments. This relief rebalances the financial balance.

Can everyone benefit from this help? Logically, all Nantes residents can use this financing solution. However, the law imposes rules so that this financial transaction is advantageous. In fact, a consumer who is too indebted will not be able to be granted such financing. He can only have recourse to a pawnshop ( pledge a valuable object to obtain a sum of money) or to deposit his file in over-indebtedness commission. The in-depth study of the person's situation will determine the repayment capacities and guide the final decision.

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The credit consolidation proposed by the Denver municipal credit union cannot exceed $ 75,000 and only concerns consumer credits (revolving loan, car loan, loans for work, etc.). The rate is fixed to ensure a constant monthly payment throughout the repayment. The term extends to a maximum of 120 months.

We would like to warn you that the loan buyback, proposed by the Denver municipal credit union, is not granted to finance a new project. As its name suggests "oxygen loan" , it is intended to allow you to live without frustration. The idea is to allow the interested party not to enter the labyrinth of over-indebtedness and to be able to take advantage of its resources for a better life. The consolidation of credits remains a loan that commits you over time. You have to be responsible and pay it back.

Contact the credit redemption service

If you need information or if you want to set up an action plan with Denver Municipal Credit, you can call 02 40 99 21 00 or use the online form .

Denver Municipal Credit Buyout
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