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The CGI institution ( Compagnie Générale de Rental Equipment ) is a subsidiary of a large French financial group; the Société Générale, as well as disponis . This establishment, which has existed since 1951, operates on the credit market. In particular, it offers solutions to finance the purchase of movable goods such as cars and boats. To bring your projects to life, the CGI establishment also offers credit consolidation . Everything about this financing solution offered by CGI since 2000.


Credit restructuring according to CGI

There are three main reasons that lead a consumer to be interested in the credit consolidation solution:

  • Reason n ° 1: Avoid over-indebtedness by reducing the debt ratio. It is a solution to regain purchasing power.
  • Reason # 2: Fund a new project .
  • Reason 3: Access the property .

The CGI institution thus offers to finance your project by bringing together all of your consumer loans ( conventional loans such as revolving loans ). For homeowners, there is also mortgage buyback . This repurchase makes it possible to bring together consumer loans and mortgage loans in a single loan. To be eligible for this financing solution, real estate must be mortgaged. Entrust your loan renegotiation project to the CGI credit bank, it is the assurance of finding a tailor-made solution adapted to its needs. Note, all the same, that this credit bank is mainly famous for the repurchase of real estate loans.

In addition, be aware that the CGI establishment only offers fixed rates ; it is the policy of the financial institution CGI. Thus, it is the guarantee of having an identical monthly payment throughout the duration of the loan which will be debited from your bank account on a fixed date ( withdrawal every 5th of the month for example ).

credit consolidation quote

The CGI credit bank wanted to be close to its customers. So :

  • CGI takes care of all the administrative procedures . CGI's financial collaborator enters into communication with the various organizations and is responsible for settling outstanding loans.
  • CGI does not ask you to change banks.
  • CGI listens to your wishes. Thus, the withdrawal date will be set at the time of the loan offer as will the amount of the monthly payment, the interest rate and the duration of the loan.
  • CGI accepts the deferral of monthly payments subject to conditions .

The following points should also be remembered:

  • For a mortgage loan repurchase, the borrowing period may not exceed 25 years . For a repurchase of consumer loans, the maximum duration is 10 years.


Ask a CGI broker for your personalized study

Putting together your own loan repurchase file can be a real Chinese headache. In fact, it is advisable to call on the professionalism of CGI credit bank experts. You can request a quote using the form on the online portal in the "contact" section or write to:

Credit consolidation service
69 Avenue de Flandre
59700 Marcq-en-Barœul

CGI loan repurchase
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