Repurchase of Preféo credits

"My preference, only one loan" , here is the signature of the Préféo brokerage company. The Préféo brand no longer exists. The representative specializing in the repurchase of credits has changed its name . Préféo is now “ Meilleurtaux Solutions SAS”. It works with many financial partners (CA Consumer Finance, Créatis, CFCAL …) in order to find the loan consolidation solution best suited to the applicant's situation. Let's take a look at this solution which is increasingly in demand.


Find a stable situation with the repurchase of credits

Living in good conditions with good purchasing power: isn't this the envy of all French households? Life is tough financially for the majority of households. They feel that they are working only to pay the various bills and to repay the various drafts. The remainder to be lived (difference between the resources of a household and the monthly expenses) is often close to 0 which prevents them from being able to face the contingencies ( failure of a washing machine, a child's school trip, vehicles ... ). When this situation escalates, the consumer is no longer able to pay his debts. Little by little, he falls into the gear of indebtedness or over-indebtedness in extreme cases.

To prevent the situation from becoming critical, it is possible to relax your financial budget by choosing to have recourse to a repurchase of credits. The Préféo broker helps you with your projects by offering you a tailor-made solution. Each situation is different, which is why Préféo has chosen to study each case on a case-by-case basis. There are different forms of redemption of credits:

credit consolidation quote
  • Bring together consumer credit .
  • Bring together mortgage loans.
  • Combine consumer loans with real estate loans.


What is the procedure for buying back Préféo loans?

French law is clear on the subject. It is not possible to make a request for redemption of credits if the consumer does not have at least two credits in progress.
The typical diagram of a loan repurchase procedure at Préféo is as follows:

  • Getting in touch with a financial advisor in order to take stock of the needs and the financial situation.
  • Constitution of the file with the collection of the various supporting documents ( personal situation, professional situation, deadlines of the various credits… ).
  • Establishment of the various possible loan redemption offers .

When the debt ratio is too high, the file will not be admissible. It will therefore be necessary to get closer to a loved one to make a loan of money (recognition of debts), associations, a municipal credit to apply for a pawnshop . In extreme cases, it is possible to turn to the commission of the Bank of United States.

Set up a loan repurchase file

Do you want to bring your projects to life, but your debt ratio is preventing you from obtaining credit? Contact the customer relations department to request a personalized study by dialing 08-00-30-02-50. The advisers advise you, guide you and help you set up your financing project . Contact them!

Repurchase of Preféo credits
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