Redemption of Creatis credits

Creatis has been a loan buyback specialist since 1998. In 2006, this credit institution joined forces with Cofidis , which enabled it to offer other financial products such as loan buybacks. In this article, it is this financing solution that interests us. Find out how credit redemption works according to Creatis.


Credit restructuring from Creatis' point of view

Being in debt is not inevitable. It is quite possible to get out of this situation by increasing your income and reducing your expenses. How do you get there? By reducing as much as possible the monthly payments linked to your credits. This is the very principle of the redemption of credits. However, before going any further in the explanations, you should know that you must first learn to balance your budget .

To do this, we invite you to:

  • Reduce your daily expenses ( clothing purchases, food shopping, etc. ).
  • Reduce your insurance contributions ( home insurance, auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, etc. ). You can play with Hamon law to change insurer.
  • Stop unnecessary spending.
  • Limit your spending on tobacco consumption if you are a smoker.
  • Limit spending on leisure time for a few months.

If despite these few recommendations, you are unable to regain your purchasing power , you can turn to Creatis for personalized support.


credit consolidation quote

Creatis solutions

Creatis offers several solutions:

  • Take back your consumer loans.
  • Resume your real estate loans excluding real estate loans whose rate is less than 2%.
  • Resume consumer loans and mortgage loans.

For the resumption of consumer loans, French regulations require the presence of at least two loans. However, there are no limits. In addition, Creatis also proposes to include in the total amount of the loan the integration of tax debts such as unpaid rents, energy and insurance bills. You can also anticipate the future by opting for a small cash flow.

The interest of repurchasing credits is to give you purchasing power. To achieve this, it is necessary to reduce the monthly payments while increasing the duration of the loan. This increase is not without consequence since the total cost also increases. In fact, if the consolidation of loans is a possible way out of debt , it is not miraculous. A loan commits the borrower. It must be able to be reimbursed. Thus, Creatis will not grant you this right if your debt ratio is too high. For information, the debt ratio is a ratio between the resources of a consumer (or household) and debts. A rate above 45% is often rejected.


Three essential information to know about the Creatis broker

  • Creatis refuses the files of over- indebted households which are filed in the Bank of United States .
  • Creatis charges administrative fees . These fees can be included in the amount of the loan.
  • Creatis only offers fixed rates. This advantage allows you to have a constant monthly payment throughout the duration of the loan and thus to manage your budget perfectly.

Chat with a Creatis advisor

To enable you to set up your new projects or to make your budget more flexible , Creatis offers you to do, as a first step, an online simulation from its creatis Web portal . Credit buy-back experts are also at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm at 08-25-05-80-48.

Redemption of Creatis credits
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