Repurchase of Edel bank loans

Do you have an E.Leclerc credit card ? This card is distributed by Banque Edel, whose majority shareholder is none other than the retail chain E.Leclerc itself. While the Edel bank originally only offered financing solutions , its alliance with Crédit coopératif has enabled it to expand its portfolio of financial products ; consumer credit, current account, gift cards or even term account without forgetting the most fashionable operation in recent years the repurchase of credits. What are the solutions offered by the Edel bank?


Credit buyback: what is it for?

This is, certainly, the first question that comes to your mind. The repurchase of credits is a loan made with a credit or banking establishment ( GMF , Banque Accord , Krefima…) and which allows to settle all the credits (or part) of the credits in progress of a consumer. Bank Edel only takes over consumer loans ( conventional loans and revolving loans ). It is possible to include new financing or cash to honor unpaid debts or to cover an overdraft.

The repurchase of credits: why?

The second question is to determine the usefulness of the repurchase of credits . In life, there are unforeseen events such as accidents in life. These unforeseen events can put your budget at risk. And for good reason, it is necessary to face expenses which had not been envisaged. For example, during a divorce , you have to separate the assets and relearn how to live with just one income. The repurchase of credits allows a consumer to manage his budget by reducing the monthly repayment installments . Mechanically, the duration of the loan is extended and the debt ratio falls.


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The repurchase of credits: for whom?

Here is a third interesting question. The repurchase of credits is addressed to all the people who wish to find a financial balance. Restoring your budget involves reducing the amount of monthly repayments for the various consumer loans. Whether you are workers or civil servants, registered in a United States bank or not, the advisers of Edel bank seek to administer a financing solution that adapts to your situation and with the objective of making your daily life more comfortable.

The repurchase of credits: how does it work?

Finally, and for the last question, it is good to take stock of how credit redemption works. To claim a repurchase of credits, it is necessary to take stock of the state of its finances . It is only after this in-depth examination that it will be possible to submit an offer (or more) for loans. The loan offer is comparable to an estimate which must imperatively include certain information (consumer code), the most important of which are:

  • The duration of the loan.
  • The amount of the loan.
  • The amount of monthly payments .
  • The total cost of credit.

As advice, we invite you to analyze the loan offer carefully by focusing on the total cost of credit. Indeed, the longer the duration ( maximum 12 years for the consolidation of consumer loans ), the higher the total cost of credit .

Obtain additional information

edel-bank If you wish to obtain documentation on the repurchase of credit proposed by the bank Edel, the advisers invite you to make a request by Internet . A form is available on the official website in the loan redemption” section . You can also get in touch with the financial experts of the Edel group by calling from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Repurchase of Edel bank loans
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