Repurchase of credits at “Crédit du nord”

Being alongside French citizens is the philosophy of Crédit du Nord. This financial institution is not just a bank. It also supports consumers in their project by offering various financing solutions ( loans for young workers, loans for students, loans for carrying out work, home ownership, revolving credit, etc. ), savings solutions ( booklet A, LEP account, life insurance… ) and insurance solutions ( auto insurance, home insurance, funeral capital… ). The consolidation of loans is part of the product portfolio of this financial group. Discover, in a few lines, the concept of this financial transaction.


Take advantage of the repurchase of loans to improve your cash flow

The repurchase of credits does not concern only the citizens presenting aggravated financial problems . It is quite conceivable to take advantage of this system to anticipate a future (near retirement for example) or quite simply out of a desire to gain purchasing power. Indeed, the consolidation of credits is a concept which, at its origin, aimed at making borrowers ' budgets more flexible by proposing a reduction in monthly repayment installments.

After reading this, you are entitled to ask yourself how such a financial product can reduce the charges relating to a consumer's credit. You are aware that the different loans contracted with different credit organizations are subject to different rates (one loan is subject to a rate of 8% while another at a rate of 12% or even 1 %) and different durations. This dispersion increases the amount of reimbursements considerably.

Banking and credit organizations have therefore imagined a product that would allow all loans to be centralized with one and the same interlocutor; it is the repurchase of credits.

Crédit du Nord offers to concentrate your consumer loans, but also your mortgage loans in a single loan at a single rate over a variable period depending on your repayment capacity . Result: you have more than a loan and a single organization to pay each month. Before granting a loan, Crédit du Nord undertakes to carry out a personalized study of your personal and professional situation . No repurchase of credits can be granted if the financial situation is disastrous.

In addition, you should know that Crédit du Nord has signed the AERAS agreement. What does that mean ? The AERAS agreement ( Insuring and borrowing with an aggravated health risk ) allows citizens who have had a serious health problem to have access to loans. Crédit du Nord is participating in this system.


Get closer to Crédit du Nord for the repurchase of credits

Simulating your loan buyback before you start is possible on the Crédit du Nord website . If you need a contact for information or assistance, you can make an appointment with an advisor at one of the Crédit du Nord branches. Telephone contact is also possible: 08 106 319 19. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Repurchase of credits at “Crédit du nord”
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