Creditlift - repurchase of credits

Creditlift is owned by Crédit Agricole. It is a brokerage firm that advocates the following philosophy “One vision, solutions” . This establishment wishes to listen to its customers by offering tailor-made solutions according to each individual's situation. Leader on the loan repurchase market, Creditlift relentlessly seeks to find the best repurchase at the best fixed rates . Let's find out about its solutions!


A Créditlift broker at your service!

Before explaining the advantages of a credit buyback, it is good to take stock of the Creditlift organization. Creditlift is an organization specializing in the solution of loan redemptions of all kinds. However, it is not possible to go directly through them to obtain a credit redemption solution. These are the professionals who put you in direct contact, such as Crédit Agricole advisers.

What offers does the Creditlift brokerage firm offer? The establishment analyzes all requests, whether you are owners or tenants, employees or retirees. His goal is to put his professionalism at your service to help you get out of a difficult situation. We remind you, purely for information, that being in debt is not a scourge. Moreover, according to studies conducted by the Bank of United States , the main causes of indebtedness are accidents of life ( dismissal, divorce, disability, long illness ... ). The repurchase of credits is therefore a solution that can allow you to rebalance your financial budget without going through the over -indebtedness file deposited in the Bank of United States.

Creditlift offers several consolidations including:

credit consolidation quote
  • The collection of consumer loans.
  • The renegotiation of home loans .
  • Borrowing to cover bank overdrafts and unpaid debts.
  • The restructuring of consumer loans with mortgage loans.
  • Consolidation of credits to finance a brand new project.
  • The consolidation of credits in order to gain access to property.


Is it necessary to give guarantees?

Depending on the type of redemption, it will be necessary to give guarantees or not to the brokerage company. The grouping of real estate loans as the consolidation of mixed loans ( consumer loans and real estate loans ) do not have the same value. In fact, for all redemptions including at least a mortgage will have to be guaranteed. It is most often a question of mortgaging one's property .

As a bonus, you have to know that a solid case has a better chance of success. In fact, we recommend that you surround yourself with a co-borrower . The co-borrower is a solvent person on a CDI who can take care of the payment of monthly payments in the event of financial problems on your part. Plus, borrower insurance can earn you points.

Build your file with financial experts

Who better than financial experts to help you build a solid case for your loan redemption request? To support you in your procedure, you must turn to agents of the brokerage company such as Crédit Agricole. Do not hesitate to inquire with your bank financial advisor!
If you need to contact customer service, write to: Creditlift - Service Client BP 10185 - 59054 Colorado Cedex.

Creditlift - repurchase of credits
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