Redemption of Socrif credits

According to its signature, Socrif wants to be "your financial partner" . This large group has existed since 1921. It was created for the railway workers so that they can carry out their project . Home loan, personal loan, loan to buy a vehicle, loan for young workers or savings solutions; Socrif's product portfolio is broad. In recent years, the financial institution has supported families in difficulty by offering the consolidation of consumer loans. Let's take stock of this product.


The consolidation of loans by Socrif

Life events, whether unforeseeable or not, force the consumer to resort to credits. This is the case, for example, when moving in or when deciding to unite for life. The same goes for divorce or for dismissal. Unfortunately, the accumulation of credits decreases purchasing power or creates a barrier to accessing a new loan. The repurchase of credits is a possible solution to reduce its debt ratio and gain purchasing power.

How does the consolidation of loans work at Socrif ? The principle is simple. The applicant gathers all the deadlines of these various consumer loans in progress (excluding mortgage) which he transmits to a finance adviser . The total outstanding amount of loans from the various creditors is bought back by the institution. This repurchase makes it possible to renegotiate the amount of the monthly payments and the duration of the loan. There is only one contact person for a monthly payment.


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Who can apply for the consolidation of credits?

Anyone can apply to Socrif, railroad worker or not, owner or tenant. However, there are three conditions to be met. Thus, it is necessary that:

  • The applicant is hired . Retirees are also accepted.
  • Have a regular income .
  • Do not be over-indebted .

Socrif complies with the law and reminds all applicants that a loan buyback is a loan. You must therefore be able to make your reimbursement.


What are the advantages of a loan buyback by Socrif?

  • Minimum loan amount: € 5,000
  • The term can extend up to 144 months.
  • Management fees : 1% of the amount borrowed (there is a limit of $ 230).
  • Flexible reimbursements . The applicant can decrease his monthly payments as well as increase them.

How to request the study of a loan repurchase file?

Do you need to get out of the credit scheme ? Socrif invites you to dial 01 431 475 50 so that a financial advisor can simulate your opening rights to this type of credit. Remember that credit redemptions are regulated by law and that an advisor will not be able to grant you this new loan on your situation is "too" in debt.

Redemption of Socrif credits
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