Rouaix finances loan buyback

"Rebalance the balance" , here is a slogan that could have stuck in the spirit of the loan company Rouaix Finances. Specialized in the consolidation of credits since 1988, this French organization is committed to working alongside consumers with significant financial difficulties . Its objective: to find a solution to reduce the debt ratio without going through the Bank of United States. Convinced? Find out how Rouaix Finances works.


Redeem credits from Rouaix Finances

The consumer tends to believe that the excessive underwriting of consumer loans is the cause of over-indebtedness. This belief is completely wrong! The need to restructure its budget may be possible in other situations such as:

  • Dealing with an accident of life. The term "accident of life" includes dismissals such as divorces or road accidents and health problems. The accidents of life are unforeseeable and unlucky events, but which require rebalancing its budget balance.
  • Anticipate your future . A badly prepared retirement can lead to financial difficulties. You should know that when retiring, a senior loses an average of $ 250 per month. To cope with this new situation, the consolidation of credits can be of good help.
  • Manage the overconsumption of consumer credit . Consumer loans are subject to variable rates. Having taken out different loans from different organizations can be harmful.


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What are Rouaix Finances' offers?

Rouaix Finances offers are suitable for both tenants and owners. As a result, the organization offers several solutions for deleveraging a household including:

  • Credit which only brings together consumer credit (tenant credit according to Rouaix Finances). This type of grouping makes it possible to reduce the monthly payments due and to recover in purchasing power .
  • Mortgage credit ( owner credit according to Rouaix Finances ). This financial transaction makes it possible to combine mortgage loans with consumer loans. Real estate is put into mortgage. In the event of successive unpaid bills, the pledged property can be sold by the lender.
  • The repurchase of credits to finance a new project . Depending on the debt ratio, you may receive a rejection of a new investment. The project buyback can include the sum of a new project.

Rouaix Finances financial advisers offer its clients the opportunity to take out loan insurance . Although optional, this insurance can be of great help in dealing with various accidents in life. In addition, people who are bank files can also apply to Rouaix Finances. Of course, the solvency will be studied before proceeding to an agreement.

Make a feasibility study with financial experts

Reachable by phone at 05-34-31-38-60, the advisers will be very happy to guide you step by step and to perform a live simulation of your loan redemption request. You can also communicate with financial officers by writing to this address:

Rouaix Finances
8 rue JF Kennedy
31,000 Toulouse

Rouaix finances loan buyback
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