Redemption of Wafasalaf credits

Wafasalaf is a financial organization that was launched in 1987 in Morocco. This subsidiary, specializing in consumer credit solutions, belongs to one of the leaders in the finance and banking market ; the Attijariwafa bank company . Why does Wafasalaf offer this type of financing? Is the repurchase of credits an option to consider? If yes, why ?

What is a loan redemption used for? The great specialist of the Moroccan market in terms of loans and repurchases of consumer credits offers this solution for:

  • That citizens can manage the unforeseen.
  • That citizens can build up a cash fund .
  • That citizens can finance a new project.
  • That citizens can make the management of their budget more flexible (a monthly payment is easier to manage).

How is the repurchase of the credits offered by the company Wafasalaf going? For a citizen with both wealthy and modest incomes, having several drafts in different organizations whose withdrawals are made on different dates is difficult to manage. This is why a regrouping of current credits can be a possible option to improve one's living conditions by reducing one's financial budget.

The solution proposed by the Wafasalaf bank only concerns consumer loans . It is possible to take back personal loans in progress such as revolving loans , loans for work or furniture loans. The name of the financing product is called “Salaf OUAHED” .


The offer is wide:

  • Funding amounts ranging from 3,000 Dhs to 200,000 Dhs.
  • A duration ranging from 6 months to 84 months.
  • A possibility of including a new loan ranging from Dhs 1,098.10 to Dhs 9,761.29.
  • A fixed interest rate defined during consultation with a financial advisor at the time of the loan offer.

There are no typical profiles. The economic situation in Morocco being critical, the indebtedness of Moroccan households is constantly increasing. The increase in household indebtedness creates a heavy climate leading to financial instability in the country.

The Wafasalaf establishment has therefore chosen to be close to households. In fact, all Moroccan households are entitled to apply. A request does not constitute acceptance. A financial advisor is responsible for studying your file while verifying the veracity of the information that the applicant transmits ( income, charges, professional situation, personal situation, etc. ).

Online, it is possible to simulate and request a personalized study . You can also call on the professionalism of the finance agents of by calling 05-22-95-73-60.

Redemption of Wafasalaf credits
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