Lille Municipal Credit

Lille municipal credit is a public institution that mainly offers pawnbrokers. This financial product allows an individual to obtain cash against the delivery of an item of value. The Lille municipal credit also offers aid for the financing of your projects , including the repurchase of credits. Social organization , no loan will be granted without a pledged object. Let's do a check in.


The repurchase of credits proposed by the municipal credit of Lille

The solution of loan repurchases appeared about thirty years ago. It goes without saying that this new financial product is linked to the overconsumption of consumer credit . To make a quick point, it should be known that the end of the First World War put families in perilous financial situations. In fact, financial organizations have made offers to finance projects (purchase of furniture, purchase of the first cars, etc.). These are consumer credits. Over the years, credits have taken on new forms such as the ability to get cash from a store loyalty card (these are revolving credits). These financing possibilities had a snowball effect, because they were poorly framed by French law. The consequence: the French got into debt . Credit redemptions were born to help consumers regain purchasing power .

Other organizations such as Lille municipal credit have chosen to offer other products: the pawnshop . What is that ? The pawnshop is a financial transaction which consists in making a sum of money available to a consumer against the deposit of an object of value. This object is kept in the premises of the municipal credit of Lille and will be returned when the loaned money is fully repaid. In the event of non-repayment, the municipal credit is entitled to sell the pledged object.


Why apply for a pledge loan from Lille municipal credit? The pawnshop can be requested to settle loans as well as to deal with unforeseen events. For information only, only municipal credits offer this solution. In addition, you should know that the reason for the loan will not be requested. The applicant is free to use the amount of money as he wishes. It has the advantage of being flexible and renewable. Indeed, it suffices to repay the interest to be able to renew the loan .

At present, the pawnbroker is the only solution offered by the Lille municipal credit to settle outstanding consumer loans in advance. This product is not a credit redemption .

Apply for a pledge loan from Crédit Municipal de Lille

You can go directly to this address on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Find out before going there by dialing 03-20-18-04-00. Lille municipal credit is located at this address:

Lille municipal credit
81 rue Gantois
59800 Lille

Lille Municipal Credit
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