Credit buyback in Aquitaine

Aquitaine is a French region with five departments ( La Gironde, Les Landes, La Dordogne, Le Lot-et-Garonne and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques ). This region in the southwest of the United States is particularly known for its fine wines such as cheeses and foie gras. The inhabitants of Aquitaine are affected by unemployment ( around 10% of the population ) as well as by over- indebtedness in the same way as other French regions. What are the solutions to get out of over-indebtedness?

Aquitaine credit redemption

Over-indebtedness in Aquitaine

According to statistics issued by the Bank of United States , the number of cases filed in over -indebtedness commission is constantly increasing. The people most affected by over-indebtedness are, for the most part, workers and employees with a salary less than $ 1,500 and do not own property. However, in the INSEE report, the indebted Aquitans are not necessarily the people who, for lack of management, have contracted many loans. Debt is mainly caused by various accidents in life such as divorces , dismissal , retirements or even long-term illnesses . In fact, the Bank of United States considers that indebted households are in debt overhang and that budget management can help them get their heads above water.

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Find solutions to reduce your budget

When a household feels taken by the throat at the end of the month because of the multiplication of consumer loans or by the accumulation of bills , it looks for a solution to reduce its budget and live more easily. Rebalancing your budget requires, first of all, a reassessment of your spending. There are definitely some unnecessary expenses that you can do without. For example, parents can reduce children's monthly budget. In addition, you should know that with laws in favor of French consumers ( Hamon law for example), it is possible to terminate certain current insurance ( home, motorcycle, car ) in favor of cheaper insurance offering identical guarantees. . Now is the time to assert your rights to make some significant savings.

If after having rebalanced the balance of finances, you still have worries to make ends meet, you can turn to one of the many organizations that offer credit redemption . This device allows you to consolidate all of your debts into a single loan and, automatically, to reduce the amount of monthly payments by extending the duration of the loan.

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The repurchase of credits: limits?

If the objective of the merger of consumer loans and / or mortgage loans (bringing together consumer loans with mortgage loans is to reduce household debt, it should not be abused. And for good reason, to make it possible to reduce considerably the amount of the monthly payment, it is necessary to go through an extension of the duration of the loan . This lengthening increases the total cost of the final credit. Of course, the spreading of the debt allows a household to live with a better power of d purchase. However, it must be accompanied by better management of the budget by avoiding to use consumer credit to fund projects.

Credit buyback in Aquitaine
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