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Did you know that the over-indebtedness files in Guadeloupe were not managed by the Bank of United States ? Indeed, it is the departmental commissions of the IEDOM that have this heavy responsibility. If we take the time to analyze the economic and social situation of this French island, we realize that Guadeloupe people are good budget managers . Only one in three households is in debt (one in two in metropolitan France). What are the causes that lead to the indebtedness of Guadeloupe? Are there any intermediate solutions to get by?

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Guadeloupe and the option of credit redemptions

Passive over-indebtedness is present on the island of Karukera (Native American nickname given to Guadeloupe). By passive over-indebtedness, it should be understood that the increase in indebted citizens is particularly caused by unforeseeable situations such as the break-up of couples or dismissal . In addition, you should know that the locals are not fond of home loans . Only households with easy incomes embark on the acquisition of an apartment or a villa. INSEE statistics also show that six out of 10 households in a situation of over-indebtedness are households whose annual income exceeds € 30,000.

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How do you know if you are in debt? Having trouble paying your bills and repaying various credits should give you an alert. Faced with this situation which prevents people from living in good conditions, we must react in a methodical manner.

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Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Recalculate your budget by making a table with household resources on one side and expenses on the other ( credits, shopping, bills, leisure activities, various purchases, insurance, gasoline, etc. ). The difference between resources and charges gives the rest to live. A low remaining life shows that you will not be able to cope with unpredictable situations like a vehicle breakdown.
  2. Decrease its charges . Guadeloupe benefits from the same laws as the metropolis. In fact, consumers can play on the laws to save on insurance . We must also learn to limit unnecessary expenses.
  3. Increase its resources . There are jobs that allow you to supplement your salary. For example: VDI articles for door-to-door sales.
  4. Apply for state aid. The State supports families in difficulty. You can turn to a social worker or the CAF to ask for your rights.
  5. Ask for help from the family. If a family member has the financial means, he can take out a loan with an acknowledgment of debt .
  6. Have recourse to a repurchase of credits .

credit redemption economy The consolidation of credits must be a backup solution . The operation is simple: a creditor is responsible for buying back consumer loans and / or mortgage loans. To do this, it makes capital available to the indebted household (or the citizen). This capital will make it possible to repay current loans . There remains, then, only one loan at a single rate for lower regular monthly payments. The indebted Guadeloupe recovers purchasing power and reduces his debt ratio .

The repurchase of credits in Guadeloupe is subject to the same regulations as the repurchase of credits in the metropolis. Simulate your project, compare the offers of different creditors and start a new life!

Guadeloupe loan buyback
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