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Picardy is a region in the north of the United States which has three departments; the Somme (capital: Amiens), Aisne (capital: Laon) and Oise (capital: Beauvais). The Picardy region is very affected by unemployment . According to studies by INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies), the unemployment rate is over 10% (around 12% in the 3rd quarter of 2015) and nearly 5% of the Picardy population live with it. the basis of the RSA. Faced with these alarming figures, it is normal for a responsible household to seek credible solutions to regain purchasing power . Is the repurchase of credits a good alternative?

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Consolidate your credits to live decently in Picardy

We have to be realistic ! To live properly, you have to reduce your expenses as much as possible and increase your resources. How? 'Or' What ?

  1. The increase in resources requires work. This is the sine qua non for obtaining a stable income . Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a permanent job in the Picardy region.
  2. The reduction of expenses requires a restriction of the budget . We must try as much as possible to set amounts for food shopping as well as for various purchases ( ready-to-wear, leisure, gasoline, energy… ).
    If this restructuring of the budget is not sufficient, it will be necessary to consider the repurchase of credits . This solution is an alternative before filing an over -indebtedness file with the Commission of the Bank of United States.

You should know that in Picardy, Aisne is the department most affected by poverty and that 760 files have been deposited in the Bank of United States on 100,000 inhabitants. Figures which prove that the economic situation of the Picardy region is as critical as the financial situation of households. In fact, the indebtedness is mainly caused by this particular situation, but also by the dissolution of marriages (approximately 317 divorces per 100,000 inhabitants).

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Types of credit redemption

The creditors offer to help indebted Picardy households with the consolidation of loans. There are two types of credit redemption:

  • The repurchase of loans for tenants : it is the fact of regaining purchasing power by bringing together all consumer loans.
  • The repurchase of loans for owners : it is the fact of regaining purchasing power by grouping consumer loans with real estate loans. It is an option which is addressed to the owners since it is requested to mortgage a good ( apartment, garage, house…) .

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What will the pooling of credits really allow?

The objective of the repurchase of credits is to reduce the monthly charges of a household in debt generated by the monthly payments of the various loans. This choice, which must be carefully considered, makes it possible to:

  • Clear debts with creditors to have only one loan.
  • Have a new loan at a single rate.
  • Have a single point of contact .

Renegotiating your credits makes it possible to reduce the amount of the monthly payment of the new amount borrowed. Mechanically, the remainder of the household increases. While it is true that the repurchase of credits is a way to live in better conditions, its disadvantage lies in the lengthening of the duration of the loan . It is, therefore, essential to properly calculate your repayment capacity before committing for a long period.

Picardy loan repurchase
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