Repurchase of credits in Belgium

The French are not the only ones with debt problems. Our friends, the Belgians, are also affected by this scourge. Being registered with the National Bank of Belgium (BNB) puts obstacles in the way of the repurchase of credits proposed by the various financial organizations. To avoid suffering the consequences of filing with the National Bank of Belgium , the repurchase of mortgage loans as consumer loans can be a credible solution.

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Repurchase of credits in Belgium to avoid over-indebtedness

The banking ban is closing a lot of doors. Here is a small list of the consequences of a banking ban in Belgium:

  • The various payment instruments are withdrawn (bank card such as checkbook). The registered citizen has the right only to a withdrawal card.
  • Belgian citizens will no longer be able to contract conventional loans (personal loan without proof, revolving loans, loans to finance a vehicle, etc.).
  • Belgian citizens will no longer be able to use credit cards associated with revolving credits .
  • Belgian citizens will not be able to take out real estate loans to gain access to property.

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What are the main causes of over-indebtedness in Belgium?

The Belgian Poverty Reduction Service recently submitted a report. In this document, we can read the following indicators:

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  1. The so - called adaptation debts. Belgian citizens become indebted to an accident of life ( divorce, dismissal, invalidity, etc. ).
  2. The so-called survival debts. Expenses are greater than income. Citizens are no longer able to pay their bills ( energy, rent, insurance, water, etc. ) nor to honor their debts to creditors.
  3. The so-called compensation debts. The citizen cannot help but buy even if he does not have the financial means ( tobacco, alcohol, compulsive buying… ).
  4. The so-called overinvestment debts. The citizen does not know how to manage his budget.

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How to avoid being stuck in the National Bank of Belgium?

Before falling into this big black hole, it is possible to find arrangements with the various creditors. For example, some creditors allow postponement of monthly payments . Although this is only a temporary solution, it can help you out ... the time to request a repurchase of credits.

The repurchase of credits is a reduction of the monthly payments which is possible thanks to the resumption of all the loans in progress by a single creditor . The citizen only has one monthly payment to pay at a single interest rate. The duration of the loan repurchase is variable, which makes it possible to reduce as much as possible the amount of the sum due each month for the repayment of the loan.

As in United States, there are three types of credit redemption in Belgium:

  • The first solution is to bring together installment loans (this is the name given to consumer credit in Belgium).
  • The second solution is to revisit home loans .
  • The third solution is to combine installment loans with real estate loans (these are mortgage or mixed loan repurchases).

belgium over-indebtedness solution To assess your repayment capacity, you can perform online simulations with the various creditors . The couriers are also at your disposal to carry out a personalized study and assist you in your quest.

Repurchase of credits in Belgium
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