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Even a few years ago, the average Frenchman still had the option of saving. The savings he built up could help him finance his projects and deal with unforeseen circumstances . Today, with the crisis and the high unemployment rate, French people increasingly resort to consumer credit . The report issued by the Bank of United States on the region of Brittany proves it, even if a slight decrease in file deposits in over-indebtedness commission was noted in 2015. Good news for the Bretons even if the path to get his head out of this scourge is still a long way off. Can the repurchase of credits be considered as a plausible solution to rebalance its budget?

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Opt for the repurchase of credits in Brittany!

Among the four departments that make up Brittany ( Côtes d'Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan ), it is the residents of Ille-et-Vilaine who encounter the most financial difficulties. If we dig into the report of the Bank of United States, we see that there is a slight improvement since the Neiertz law . Rennes, Vannes, Quimper, Saint-Brieuc and all the residents of the Breton region are no longer affected by passive over-indebtedness, but by active over-indebtedness. What is the difference ? Passive over-indebtedness is caused by an increase in consumer credit while active over-indebtedness is caused by unpredictable life situations such as divorce or dismissal . To overcome difficult situations, households are obliged to draw on money reserves ( passbook, bank overdraft for example ), to make new loans or to no longer honor certain debts ... it is, from, of this scourge that begins the spiral of over-indebtedness.

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Advantages of the consolidation of credits

Before the financial situation worsens, have you thought about studying the advantages of the consolidation of loans offered by the majority of financial institutions ? Credit consolidation is based on a simple concept: a financial institution buys all the credits from the various creditors of a household. The total amount of loans to be repaid is subject to a new interest rate with a new duration . This process makes it possible to reduce the monthly repayment installments and to have only one intervenor.
This reduction in the amount of monthly payments (sometimes up to 60%) allows the household to optimize the family budget . The rebalancing of the budget also makes it possible to recover purchasing power and to live in better conditions.

The consolidation of loans is, therefore, a credible option to get out of this dead-end maze of debt. However, it should be known that this concept remains a loan and that the household which subscribes to it must be able to ensure the repayment. In addition, some institutions offer the consolidation of consumer loans while others offer a renegotiation of consumable loans with real estate loans. It is therefore necessary to compare the different redemption proposals from different creditors.

Loan repurchase in Brittany
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